Movies Coming Soon to Canadian Xbox Live


"In our increasingly wired world, it seems somewhat "old school" that movie fans must still drive to a video store to rent a flick burned on a piece of plastic, then drive back to return it in time to avoid an overdue fine. Sure, there's pay-per-view on television, but that means waiting for the movie to start, and if you read last week's column, TV-based video on demand is still lacking in selection (especially for anglophones in Quebec). Services such as are handy because they use mail delivery to send DVDs to your door, but you still need to wait for those DVDs to arrive - if what you want is available - and then mail them back again. Sigh."

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TriggerHappy3938d ago

Great for Canadian 360 owners if true that is. Movie downloading is such a nice feature to have.

creeping judas3938d ago

when they announced this for the states i was a little perturbed that we coudn't get it in canada. but MS had to go thru the CRTC in order to get approval for this service. which means something like 20% of the content has to be of canadian origin. as long as it means more movies like bon cop bad cop!!!

toughNAME3938d ago

is that really y it toom so long??

but ye i agree...its about time

all the same..very glad its coming :D

DG3938d ago

This means I dont need to buy the HD DVD add on. I was going to get one for christmas.

Mikey_Gee3938d ago (Edited 3938d ago )

It is about f'n time.

Can't wait !!

Comment directed @ DG ... nice avatar. Are you also a crazy$hit fan ?????

BTW ..

And because downloading music you didn't pay for is not illegal in Canada, Shiau believes we might be more likely to share files with others.


I wonder how many folks did NOT know this ?? That is why we pay 50 cents more per Music media. I remember this legal battle a few years back.