Sony gets a hug as PS3 prepares to battle Halo 3

E-Gear's Steve Smith writes:
"I have been rough on Sony this past year, what with its limp PS3 launch and fading PSP support. But I have to say that the nurturer in me gets a bit defensive of the beleaguered giant as I see Microsoft's Halo 3 behemoth prepared to suck all the air out of the video gaming arena for weeks to come.

In fact, Sony has been improving both its weak platforms in recent months, and it deserves a little hug of consumer recognition. The PS3 firmware is getting updated about once a month, and the improvements are noticeable."

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MK_Red3877d ago

Sony definitly deserves a hug. Right now there are 3 PS3 exclusives and 2 of them are really great (Warhawk and Heavenly Sword). Lair is alos cool IMO.
But I don't think Sony is showing enough attention to PSP.

thereapersson3877d ago

They just announced the camera and GPS support in Europe (will eventually make its way over here) and are releasing the redesign in about a week and a half with the bundles.

What they really need to do is put more PSone titles on the PSN so I can play them on my PSP! I got my friend to buy a PSP after I showed him that I can play Castlevania SOTN on my PSP, among other games.

MK_Red3877d ago

I said that because of games. I agree with your points but what about games?
Aside from God of War: CoO there is no PSP game for 2008 that interests me. Where is Lumines 3? Daxter 2? Devil May Cry PSP? Loco Roco 2? GT PSP?
Where are the games?

thereapersson3877d ago

Yeah, there isn't a ton of BIG franchises coming out soon (or announced right now as far as I know), but the PSP still has a really decent backlog of games that I have yet to play. There are many titles that people simply overlook.

Although, a few upcoming games that I am excited about are Syphon Filter: Logan's Shadow, Wipeout Pulse, the new SOCOM game and more. IGN has some good coverage of upcoming PSP games... you should check it out.

nasim3877d ago

HS and WOWHAWK are just too much for x360 with cartoon HALO 3.

BTW people NG2 has been revealed but it looks exactly the same as Sigma .

HS has killed any hype for NG2

Skynetone3877d ago

ps3 has warhawk,cod,Rfom,motorS,burnou t

360 has halo,cod,gow,bio,pgr4,burnout, Ace combat

ill give the edge to the 360 this christmas

Barreldragon003877d ago (Edited 3877d ago )

Theirs Heavenly Sword, Rachet and Clank, Haze, UT3 (timed), Uncharted Drakes fortune.

also for 360 Mass effect should be their to.

EDIT: uxo22

Yes they are all coming out before christmas.
Theirs even more games like Folklore, Eye of Jugment (this is the game I'm most interested in) and Time Crisis 4 but these aren't big titles like the ones he's talking about.
And then the big titles for the PS3 all come out next year.

About the PSP thing I don't know bro i don't have a PSP. But i think the PSP just downloads the games to the memory stick so the PS3 wouldn't have to be on.

uxo223877d ago (Edited 3877d ago )

Are all of those titles suppose to be out before Christmas? I believe he said this Christmas. Also, when playing PSone games on your PSP, does the PS3 need to be on? If so, can someone be playing the PS3 while someone else is playing a PSone game on the PSP? Just curious?

risk3876d ago

he should add (timed) next to ace combat...even thou its not THAT big...

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Violater3877d ago

"Okay, hug time is over.

Where the hell is my Metal Gear Solid 4? "


MK_Red3877d ago

Agreed. That comment deserves a hog.


Maddens Raiders3877d ago

and the KILLZONE II beta. ¡Son candentes roja!

tplarkin73877d ago

Remember the original MGS4 trailer that ended with "2008" and then "2007"? Oops!

Maybe in 2009?

Naruto3877d ago (Edited 3877d ago )

Warhawk and HS are cool
also I disagree with the PSP thing

GaMr-3877d ago (Edited 3877d ago )

(My Title is a Remix to Chamillionaires (Riding Dirty) I made it just for Steve Smith)

Love the Sony Bashing in Disguise... cookies to the Troll who wrote this article(Steve). Infact before dropping to his knees and polishing Master Chiefs and Microsofts Knobs as well as he did. He should see what infinity Ward has cooking. COD 4 is gunna steal someones thunder badly and guess what.... Its gunna be amazing on both

Dlacy13g3877d ago

I do agree that COD4 will be amazing. But Halo 3 is coming out far enough in advance of COD4 for it to really steal any thunder from Halo 3.

brianpk803876d ago

The article is very insulting to Sony. Saying you have a "nurturing" instinct is for Sony very maternal and makes it sounds like Sony is a wounded bird that needs love and attention, cause it can't fly on its own.

damnwrx3877d ago

Sony does well on it's own, don't need his sh!t.