Activision claims EA and former IW execs schemed to inflict serious harm on the company

Following last March's lawsuit filed by ousted Infinity Ward execs Jason West and Vince Zampella against former employer Activision, and Activision's countersuit filed the following month, Activision has filed a motion to amend its countersuit based on new evidence born of the discovery phase. What kind of evidence? Namely that "Electronic Arts conspired with two former senior Activision executives, West and Zampella (the "executives") to derail Activision's Call of Duty franchise, disrupt its Infinity Ward development studio, and inflict serious harm on the company."

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solidsnake2222885d ago

And they were wrong to do so? I wish they would have torn em apart.

AmazingBrian2885d ago

Well, we all know who is going to win this one. Activision fired them because they're greedy little bastards. They don't want to treat their most IMPORTANT employees with respect, they will bring call of duty's wealth to a different publisher. Fuck you activision.

Genesis52885d ago

I think Activision does a pretty good job of inficting serious harm upon themselves.

deadreckoning6662885d ago (Edited 2885d ago )

@Genesis5- You mean by running out of places to store their buttloads of cash?? Funny how people are so blinded by their hate for Activision that they create the illusion that Activision is in "serious" trouble.

@AmazingBrian- Fuck Activision? The company that just released a multiplatform title that generated more revenue for the Microsoft AND Sony than ANY other PS3 or 360 title in HISTORY? If your against Call of Duty...then ur against the well-being of the games industry from a commerical perspective. COD4 turned the gaming industry upside down and is the MAIN reason(besides the Wii) that the industry is doing as well as it is today.

Urrakia342885d ago

@deadreckoning666- ur trying to say that the video game industry wasnt doing good prior to Call of Duty 4's release? i certainly beg to differ

Dragon_Hiko2885d ago

Yes. Fuck Activision. First of all, I love knowing that you care so much more about revenue driving games than quality game products. We all should just be happy with call of duty, buy call of duty...because it's popular? Oh wait, because it's GOOD for the games industry, yes. Because everyone that bought this game wouldn't of maybe put money down on a DIFFERENT game since they had the extra bit to spend eh?

So the Wii and Cod4 are to thank for the current state of the games industry hmm? Are you an idiot? The games industry is THE emerging art medium of our was always going to get this big, and it will continue on to grow much larger; and it always would have. It's just laughable. If the games industry was ONLY the wii and one HD console that JUST had Cod games on it...I'd quit gaming and I would not be the only one.

Getting back to the topic at hand. There is good business, and there is bad business. Bad business is not only a business that does not make money. It is also a business that is overly greedy and makes decisions to earn short term money at the cost of the people that helped support them or their customers themselves. The end result will be a stagnant company, that may make money...but will never create art for us to enjoy. As is the case in the games industry they either screw developers that helped make amazing games for their companies, or screwing the consumers with shoddy yearly hash builds of games and shoving them down peoples throats.

No I don't think Activision is in the slightest bit of trouble. I DO however think they should be in trouble for how arrogant and stupid they were. Especially considering all they had to do was throw a few bones the way of the developers who would go on to continue to make them MASSIVE amounts of was just stupid and greedy.

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r1sh122885d ago

I seriously hope activision lose this.
It even says that the situation stopped updates and delayed stuff.
Um I havent seen any updates to remove one many army, danger close from the game?
Wheres that update?
Wheres the update that stopped GOD mode?
Its such a load of sh....that activision actually want damages of 400Mil, even wit the money they made, they couldnt fix the game.
They shipped it broken and its still broken.
I seriously wish activision go broke, so we dont have to put up with bad games.

gamingdroid2885d ago

So the real lying bastards are out:

The amendment also alleges that West and Zampella refused to cooperate with other studios at Activision; one scenario -- also reinforced by documents, in this case, some text messages -- saw Infinity Ward releasing a Modern Warfare 2 video on the same day as a World at War DLC video, with the intent to "crush and destroy" Treyarch's marketing efforts. When confronted, West said, "We released on the same day as you because we had no clue you were releasing anything. We are not happy about it." A series of text messages between West and an unnamed Infinity Ward employee reveals another story. The unnamed IW employee texted West, "treyarch released their mp dlc video." West responded, "Super nice? We release our video? Crush and destroy with our video." The unnamed employee replied, "We already did. And . . . we already did" to which West concluded, "Nice."

I hope both EA and West/Zampella looses. As much as I love MW1-2, I don't condone lying business tactics!

Does it really surprise anyone that when you get two senior executives refuses to collaborate, lies, steals your information to provide it to the competition and colludes with the competition that you are going to fire their @sses and sue them?

As much as anyone might dislike Activision and of course EA/West/Zampella haven't had a chance to defend themselves in public, it is starting to look like corruption among executive ranks!

dkblackhawk502885d ago

I guess that is one way to knock off the competition.

NYC_Gamer2885d ago

this battle will turn out real ugly

ECM0NEY2885d ago

Man EA has come far. Lets hope Acti/Bliz can learn the same lessons as EA did in the past.

Mwaan2885d ago

I believe it. I'm siding with Activision on this one. I've always hated EA more.

MRHARDON2885d ago (Edited 2885d ago ) that you?

TheDeadMetalhead2885d ago

Hm. I never would've guessed Kotick posted on N4G. I always thought he used his spare time to drink puppy blood and punt newborn babies.

Mwaan2885d ago

Do I really need to list off all the things EA has done in the past? Really?


EA have changed, activision haven't

TheDeadMetalhead2885d ago (Edited 2885d ago )

"changed" is a bit of an overstatement (Online Pass), but yeah, basically.

CrazyForGames2885d ago

lets see here EA taking chances and releasing actual NEW IPS some of which are pretty good btw (dead space)

or activision releasing more call of duty those terrible tony hawk games, insane amounts of (insert hero game here) and prototype

ehm i think ill stick with EA

Bull5hifT2885d ago

Geezus, i remember back then in the last gen when people would hate on EA, what is it now... If kotick wasn't there would people still hate activision... .. I hated ea when they shut down lots of studios pandemic, and this other one.. I wanted to see how mercenaries could evolve into next gen with fully detailed skyscrapers and with insides being destroyed all around you like in uncharted 2 , i swear i had lots of fun with vigilante 8 on my ps1 , and tony hawk 2,3,4,underground 2,. And a few orhers .. I remember medal of honor from EA and
Those fun james bond games, and need for speed hot pursuit 2 on the xbox and burnout, and the underground series..... Everybodys always jumping sides

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