IGN: Only a Translation Away

According to Iwata, Nintendo's looking to fill in next year's thin release calendar with previously untranslated projects from overseas. If that's the case, here are IGN's picks -- 11 Japanese games that could come to America in 2011.

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Cajun Chicken2832d ago

I want Zangeki no much!!!

Omega Archetype2832d ago

Xenoblade and The Last Story for me!

I'm in serious need for some solid RPGs (which is why I just picked up Lost Odyssey finally,) and hope these come stateside. My Wii is currently in use with Resident Evil 4: Wii Edition (which is definitely the best way to experience RE4,) so I should be done before these come out. I only hope that they actually do and that they're this (coming) year!

rockleex2831d ago

Why is KOS-MOS on there? Should be a picture of Xenoblad or Last Story instead.

kesvalk2831d ago

IIRC there is a KOS-MOS costume on xenoblade

Millah2832d ago

Hell yea, at least this means we'll probably be seeing this next year. Thank GOD, I was really starting to worry about Xenoblade. Last Story I always felt would come here, there was no question about that.

life doomer2832d ago

I really want the last story to come to america

jc485732832d ago

I'm pretty sure Sagakuchi wants it out here more than you do.

CrzyFooL2832d ago

he has him on speed dial, duh!

Godmars2902832d ago

I want to know how/why JP publishers have lost all ability to tell if a game is good for import. Did their big budget PS2 and NGC titles sell that poorly in the US?

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The story is too old to be commented.