Big Download's 2010 PC Game Vaporware Awards

Every year Big Download is surprised by the number of games that manage to be released. But there are always PC game titles that are announced and then pretty much disappear from view. These are the games that they put the label "Vaporware" On.

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ATi_Elite2706d ago

True Grime (I Love that billboard in GTA San Andreas)

Seen The Agency game play and APB comes to mind so I'm glad they sent it back or it may have made Sony close it's doors.

Poor old fat Max Payne, maybe they heard gamers crying foul and sent Max back to New York and gave him his Leather coat back. I hope so.

Battlefield 1943 for PC - As a PC gamer I think I represent most PC gamers when I say this, We already have 1942 so just cancel 1943 PC and give us Battlefield 3.

Half life 2 Episode 3 - I guess Jesus will return when Gabe Newell says so. Long Long Long wait but it's always worth it as you can't rush perfection.

PC Motion sensing remotes - Nintendo would of sued Razr for promoting the use of the Wii emulator and that's why these are not coming out until a game is made for them specifically.