With 9,862 Votes, Japan’s Most Popular Video Game Character Is…

Siliconera: Yahoo! Japan held a poll to see which video game character readers liked the most. Mario, of course. Numbers 2, 9, and 10 may surprise you though.

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Gamer1122547d ago

Mario is getting old now ... speaking of that, he never grows much after each game.

ZeldaForever2547d ago

mario will alwas be a fun game no matter how many they are stop being all upset because games like mario and zelda or even halo for that matter will alwas outsell whatever you play if you dont like mario shut up...

Gamer1122547d ago

Shhh i can hear mario fixing my toilet.

ChickeyCantor2547d ago

what you have a bad case of turtles?

Ducky2547d ago (Edited 2547d ago )

Luigi must be boiling with jealousy.

I'm surprised. I would've expected Nintendo's entire cast + a few jrpg characters.

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