Why Microsoft dropped the 360's price

Dan Cornelius, Microsoft's UK marketing manager for the Xbox 360, explains why Microsoft dropped Xbox 360's prices in the UK. Cornelius positions different Xbox 360 models to compete against the PS3 and Wii for this Christmas season. He also reveals that Xbox 360 Elite, which directly competes against the PS3, is now Microsoft's "flagship console."

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PimpHandHappy3877d ago

would anyone drop a price on anything?

Its to help them sell. Sony will be dropping there price b4 christmas im sure

DrRage773877d ago

i agree, why in the world do we have to have an article to give areason for a price drop? how about this...the 360 will be out for almost 2 years, and EVERY console out there has had a price drop after about 20 months to help generate more sales....seems hard to grasp, lower the price in order to sell more of

thereapersson3877d ago

Is that the Elite was originally planned as a niche SKU, but now they are considering it their flagship version.

razer3877d ago (Edited 3877d ago )

Early adopters FTL! One thing I've learned this gen from MS is that I will never buy their consoles on day 1 again. I will wait at least a year.

eLiNeS3877d ago

or you can do like me and buy from Costco on day one and get a lifetime warranty at no extra cost. If I have a problem with it(and I have) I just return it and get a new one and money back if the price drops, FTW!!!

Blink3877d ago

Because it is a POS...duh!!

eLiNeS3877d ago

I would hate to think what a PS3 is then that dropped there price only 8 months out of the gate. I guess the PS3 is a steamy pile of elephant Sh!t!

What happen, did that comment of yours back fire? Moron!

Odiah3877d ago

Because it was selling like stale cakes?

BIadestarX3877d ago

Microsoft did not need a price drop before Halo 3... they were going to sell consoles regarless... This is just a reminder to Sony that the XBox 360 will always be cheaper than PS3 and that Sony cannot go head to head with Microsoft on a price war. Microsoft will not let Sony sell PS3 cheaper than the most expensive xbox 360 SKU. Period.

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The story is too old to be commented.