Bayonetta only $9.98 with FREE SHIPPING at Amazon

For a limited time, Amazon is offering an excellent deal on the hot babe shoot-em-up Bayonetta. It’s available for both the Playstation 3 and the Xbox 360, you can pick up a copy of Bayonetta for only $9.98 with FREE SHIPPING!

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fromasterjay2919d ago

I heard this game was really good, can anyone confirm that?

mike90772919d ago

Yes game is awesome even on the ps3 version the load times have been fixed and the graphics look better as well with the patch they came out with it is a must buy for 10 bucks. If you like Gow or just hack n slash games in general you will absolutely love this game.

SeNiLesBack2919d ago (Edited 2919d ago )

Which version is best, Xbox 360 or PS3? I just might pick this up for $10 no TAX and FREE SHIPPING!!!

saint_john_paul_ii2919d ago

get the 360 version since its it was the lead platform for that game. its over the top awesomeness wrapped with Sexiness. this game is a steal for people who wanted to play this game back in January.

I ordered the PS3 version thru ebay as a combo pack with White Knight Chronicles for about $25 dollars last saturday. so thats cool.

ABizzel12919d ago

As the others said, if you like games like God of War, Devil May Cry, and Ninja Gaiden then you'll probably like Bayonetta.

Gameplay wise it's up there with the best, but story wise it's mediocre, and the voice acting and dialog is pretty bad (especially the dialog). But the gameplay and the action are the main draws, and they really make Bayonetta a good game, and for $10 you can't go wrong.

Bolts2918d ago

You guys are confusing the he'll out of me. If I like GoW but hate DMC and Ninja G. Should I buy?

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chaosatom2919d ago (Edited 2919d ago )

I played it a little bit, not much but the story is really weird. The combat is good. If you're the story kind of guy, then this might not be it. I haven't played it extensively, but I am just giving first expression of 1 or so hour in.

LeGenDx2919d ago

loved it, please buy it..

frjoethesecond2919d ago

This game rocks. 360 version is better but PS3 isn't too bad post patch.

Rageanitus2919d ago

do you like devil may cry? I bought it for 20 bucks and realy didnt like it so i traded it in.

hankmoody2919d ago

Oh hell yeah. One of the best final bosses in recent memory and one of the best epilogue stages to date. Along with one of the best soundtracks ever, you absolutely cannot go wrong with this game for $10!

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TreMillz2919d ago

if you got $10 to droo pick this up NOW! Game is excellent.

Esena2919d ago

Wow, this is a great deal... wasn't going to pick this up, but now I might!

Lirky2919d ago

I almost ordered it till i realized how the Ps3 version how Crapcom did that version strange.. plus its crapcom that also changed my mind.

frjoethesecond2919d ago

SEGA ported it to PS3. Capcom had nothing to do with it.

Esena2919d ago

Patch fixed everything though.

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