Fallout New Vegas Mystery Unravels - Accident, Clues Lead to Upcoming DLC

The release of New Vegas DLC Dead Money adds another clue in a trail of clues that would give Sherlock Holmes a run for his money. An enigmatic conversation with the Primm Station Master and graffiti warnings that littler the land prompted a two-week investigation that revealed a few more clues and part of the plot for an upcoming DLC expansion to the game.

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LunaticBrandon2833d ago

When the game released the starting point to Dead Money was open, though empty, seeming useless. I'm pretty sure posters mentioning the Sierra Madre were already there. A patch locked the bunker. I wouldn't be surprised if clues to future DLC were also hidden with an update.

I always found that Courier Six thing odd, but quickly forgot it because it was so early.

Hazmat132833d ago

the main thing i hated about about fo3 was the Vault 77 shirt EXPLAIN IT!!!

Eiffel2832d ago

There's a Penny Arcade Comic about it, google.

Hazmat132832d ago

i thought that was just making fun of it?

Eiffel2832d ago

Nope, Penny Arcade and Bethesda Softworks put the whole thing together, fallout is built around references, and that one is among the many references.

Hazmat132832d ago

oh ok if so then nevermind. i know all about Vault77 then lol