Lost Videogame lead role revealed

Yes, despite his alarming similarity to Lost's burly surgeon, Jack - cropped hair, khaki shirt, linebacker shoulders - the leading man in Ubisoft's Lost Videogame is a newbie. He's a fresh character for the game, an American called Elliot.

Any more info, we hear you ask... Well, in true videogame cliche style, Elliot has the misfortune to be afflicted with amnesia. However, given the flashback-heavy format of the show, we're hoping your slowly returning memory will provide some hair-curling chills and developments.

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monkey6023873d ago

To my surprise the recent trailer for this game was great. It's a game I'm keeping my eye on now

MaximusPrime3873d ago

the image is small and yet the submitter "fixed" it. yea right (!)

too amateurish. (sorry if i offended you)

dk_2kx3873d ago

you're right i am a newbbie here "amateur", i do know that + u didn't offended me cuz i really don't c anything wrong with that, amateur means begginer and i am 1 (trainee), maybe you do know what trainee means don't you? well at least i'm trying, and i know that with time i'll b better than must...