Top 100 Games of 2011 – #11 MotorStorm Apocalypse

Leaving behind the arid mesas and precarious canyon drops, MotorStorm Apocalypse pretty much antes up everything as it heads off to the big city with big dreams and bigger destruction. Based in a fictionalised Bay Area known only as “The City”, developer Evolution Studios haven’t just changed the location, they’ve changed the premise is well. Gone are the seemingly mindless wilderness runs, races undertaken for no real reason other than the fact that it’s fun to launch off things in the outback, replaced with a story-driven adrenaline rush through a city literally crumbling around you.

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NecrumSlavery2889d ago

This is my most anticipated racer this gen. I love the hell out of GT5 and all the other motorstorms, burnouts, kart racers, NFSs, etc

But MS:Apoc is the Uncharted of racers. This looks so amazing. And it has so much in it. I love how they really are focusing the MP around full customization of rules, physics, and gameplay types. Adding tons of content for completely customizing your ride, making DLC focused on customization. The photo mode is awesome, the 3D is amazing, the split screen of 4 players and online 4 player splits, with match making, a PERKs system, 40+ tracks. the chaos the mayhem, the insane amount of variety of paths in each track. This game is going to blow every other racer away. I am ready to race on the edge of existence. Oh I hope there's a level where your driving straight through the earth to the core with lava everywhere...I am so pumped up!

2888d ago