Mortal Kombat scans confirm Sindel, show Kratos in action

Check out some new scans of Mortal Kombat, which show Sindel and Kratos.

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sinncross2742d ago

Oh man Kratos really added to my interest level.

Definitely looks like this has the potential to be a great entry for MK!

colonel1792742d ago

When I click the thumbnails it doesn't open the imgae, instead opens the page again. could you fix it please? I want to see the scans! :P thanks!

TheBlackSmoke2742d ago

Right click the thumbnail

>select copy image url
>paste in address bar

colonel1792742d ago

Thanks BlackSmoke!. . . bubbles +

downwardspiral2742d ago

or just right click the image and click on view image :)

CrzyFooL2742d ago


Kratos looks OP




pain777pas2742d ago

I am officially sold on getting this game because it has all the characters I am familliar with so this looks like the best MK in years.

Mizz_mai2742d ago

screw it im buying a ps3

gta28002742d ago

OK, I'm sold. Kratos alone is why I will purchase this game.

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RedDead2742d ago

Suppose Kratos will get them more Sales. I've been following this game for age's now, it looks brillant, it seems to be aimed at Hardcore fighter fans(GOOD!). Can't wait to step back into the shoes of scorpion, ermac and sub zero.

Black-Helghast2742d ago

For some reason i thought Sindel was that Fire Charecter in the game "Killer Instinct'' in Super Nintendo. Man good times... :3

DlocDaBudSmoka2742d ago

love how i get a disagree for a known fact.

Keltik822742d ago

Killer Instinct was my favorite! Cinder was bad ass. Miss those sick ass combos man, awww the memories!

Black-Helghast2742d ago

Yup. MASTER COMBO! Hehehe...

ViRaL-2742d ago


Lol good times indeed

trounbyfire2742d ago

love the fact cage has his name on his chest FUNNY.

HungryGoku2742d ago

Ahhhhhh this game is going to be amazing :)

King-Leonidas2742d ago

im curious now if they gonna add conquest mode like Shujinko´s... if they do im sold.

ReBurn2742d ago

Yes, first MK that I have been excited for in a long time.