Rumour Buster: Epic Still Plans for Unreal November

Epic Games VP Mark Rein tells Next-Gen that currently, "nothing has changed" regarding an expected November release for Unreal Tournament 3. A post late last week by Rein on Unreal Tournament 3's official forums had cast a shadow of doubt over the game's proposed November release date for the PlayStation 3 and PC versions of the game.

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MK_Red3910d ago

Good news. I seriously wish the game isn't delayed.

PimpHandHappy3910d ago

I was kinda hoping it was! I dont need two FPS's in the same month. Im guessing i will go with Modern Combat first then get Unreal later. Modern Combat is just more my taste.

Tough choice none the less!

Maybe i will wait and see what my gamers say about both b4 i make the plunge. I just like real life weapons more then sci-fi weapons.


Lightning Mr Bubbles3910d ago

I think the PS3 needs this game in November.

Rageanitus3910d ago

Can you plug any usb mouse and kb in the ps3?

I have a good pc so Im not too worried.

Can you play against pc players and vice versa

thereapersson3910d ago

Keyboard and Mouse support on the PS3 version

SilvaSurfa3910d ago

Im going to be in Online Multi player FPS Heaven. I just hope I can find a way to layout my controller schemes similar for Each game.