1UP: System Report Card 2010

2010 has been a year of game industry transition. High-definition consoles have risen to prominence and both Sony and Microsoft have started motion controller phases, extending their platforms' lifecycles. Nintendo, however, has lost some of its lead, with Wii not seeing the sales it once had and DS feeling pressure brought on by iPhone and iPod Touch.

This year saw a flood of creative independent games on PC and iOS devices, whereas the consoles were a realm of refinement rather than bold new ideas. Make no mistake, there were tons of good games on every system, but a feature like this exists so that 1UP can pick a winner. So let's get started.

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Balt 2708d ago (Edited 2708d ago )

I don't game a lot. I don't own an xbox 360 and was given my Ps3, both of them, for free. But, with that said, can someone tell me how the xbox 360 gets a B+ and the Ps3 a B?

I don't remember one game, other than Halo whatever, that stood out in their line up this year. The Ps3 had like 7 game changers come out.

This is lunacy.

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tatotiburon2708d ago

ah you forgot mass effect 2, alan wake, splinter cell conviction, fable 3, the HUGE succes of kinect and it's lineup like dance central and kinect sports...yes i can tell that you don't game a lot.

Sitris2708d ago

So splinter cell requires a 360 to play? Same goes for mass effect, metro 2033, eventually fable 3 as well. Kinect sold well, still un certain to whether it was a succes with fans or not, same for move.

NecrumSlavery2708d ago

I'd personally give them both a B+ this year. There were a few great games for both, but no one system overtook the other. I guess they are giving the up to the 360 cause Kinect is doing a little better. So I guess that "+" is really property of Oprah. The PSP and DS had a great year, they are definite As. Wii is a B+ as well. 2010 was a really good year, but it didn't really flow like 2009. Sony had a lot in the first half and a couple in the end, and MS has a couple in the beginning, and a bunch in the end. But it felt like you had time to play everything. 2011 will be a year where so many AAA crumbled on top of each other, no one will know what to do.

Strikepackage Bravo2708d ago

They are grading the consoles purely on the consoles themselves and what can be played on them, can you play Splinter Cell conviction on xbox 360? yes, can you play it on PS3? NO!

This is not about exclusives, its about what games can be played on the systems overall, and the quality of them along with the quality of the console experience on each platform.

When you judge it that way you can see how PS3 starts to come up short. I cant play Left4dead, SplnterCell, Alan Wake, Mass Effect 2(yet), Fable, Halo.... this list goes on for games I cant play on my PS3, and in 2010 and every previous year, there has been more on PS3 that I cannot play than on 360.

Heavy_Rain2708d ago

What has L4D got to do with this year. If I start listing games that cannot be played on 360 and be played on ps3 the list would go on and on . Having said that this year I think this score is just about fair. X360 had slightly more exclusives then ps3 this year. Maybe one more I guess not sure. 2011 360 will get slaughtered though unless they can come up with something during e3

Dark Collosis2708d ago

Sorry you got your feelings hurt. I own both and i agree the 360 would get a better grade from me as well.. And maybe you would remember more than one if your head wasnt so far up sonys a$$..

XRider2708d ago

Sony gets a B because everything they said that was going to come out this year got pushed to 2011 and beyond. Sony is king of making gamers wait and then delay it another year. I bet 50% of all the games Sony has listed for 2011 get pushed back to 2012.

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Stealth20k2708d ago (Edited 2708d ago )

The psp and ds had way too low scores. The ds and psp deserved an A- on pure awesome games alone......and considering the 3ds is coming out very soon everyone better be on notice

The pc no way in hell deserved the highest score and neither did IOS......

They rated everything on being "shocked" and features.

The only things relevant are the games which seemed to be the least important thing to them.

Echo3072708d ago (Edited 2708d ago )

I agree with that. Granted, I'm no PC gamer and I don't even keep up with it that well, but other than an expansion to a game that has already been out for years, what did the PC have that was so great?

Under system sellers for PC, they listed 'the internet'. Seriously? I would've swore 1UP was a game site.

Spenok2708d ago

Agreedm its sad that the games took the back end of this report card. You would think just like finals in college they would make games worth 65-70% of the grade. Oh well i guess.

Jdoki2708d ago

Bizarre scoring there. The list of Wii and PS3 games was varied and interesting. The 360's was stagnant and predictable - and yet it gets the highest score of the 3.

Not sure at all how the PC can be scored so high either. It had some awesome games, but nothing better than the consoles.

Biggest2708d ago

The PC has "the internet" on its side. That's what they said at least. LOL1UP!!!

Simco8762708d ago

Don't you understand? People have a odd love fest with the 360. I don't understand it at all.

I have a friend that I convinced to buy a PS3... he still says.. Xbox 360 is better, because it has better games.

What better games? In his mind Fable III. Sad, but America is influenced heavily on media hype.

kaveti66162708d ago (Edited 2708d ago )

His opinion differs from yours. KILL HIM!!!

Edit: @reapersson

You can't call someone brainwashed for believing that 360 has better games.

It's a matter of opinion.

I trusted PS3 fans when they said that Demon's Souls was amazing. I played it, and thought it was complete garbage. When I see PS3 fans touting Demon's Souls, I don't consider them brainwashed. I understand that they have their own opinion.

My friend thinks Fable 2 is one of the best games he has played. I think it's just okay. But I can't say he is brainwashed.

I think Kotor is the greatest RPG that Bioware has ever made but Dragon Age lovers think I'm wrong.

thereapersson2708d ago

But when I still hear comments like Simco876's, I really feel it's Xbox fans that are the brainwashed ones.

There are still people who believe that the 360 has more games, and better games... in 2010, for Christ's sake. Is that what the media and Microsoft is feeding these people? These are the people you really have to worry about.

etownone2708d ago (Edited 2708d ago )

Yes .... better games.

It's the truth.
The big thing this gen is multiplayer.

The 3 most played games for multiplayer this gen are:

2 are exclusive on 360, the other is superior with timed exclusive maps on 360.

Lmao ... I speak the truth and get disagrees.
Just looks at the PSN stats ... what is the most played game every year? COD. What is the best selling game on PS3 every year, COD. What other game on PS3 comes close to sales or gamers that play COD online? none.

Echo3072708d ago (Edited 2708d ago )

You're right, CoD is the most popular game on the PS3 (or all consoles for that matter). But a multiplat game is not a reason to choose one platform over another. Exclusive games and OS/Network play is the reason.

PS3 has a better and more diverse lineup of exclusives and free online. I'll admit that the PSN isn't as polished as XBL, but most PS3 gamers don't care as much about online play as 360 gamers, and therefore, they want the free option.

I'm not disputing what you're saying, but anyone can take the 'facts' you've given and spin them in any direction... just like you did.

ZeldaForever2708d ago

the xbox 360 is just his fav console of choice can't you accept that rather then being a baby?

Echo3072708d ago (Edited 2708d ago )

I've got no issue with his console of choice. My issue is with him trying to pass his opinion off as fact while shunning the opinion of others. He even goes so far call it 'truth'.

So who is really being the baby, here?

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silkrevolver2708d ago

I’d give the 360 a B-, Wii a B and PS3 a B+... I understand why they gave the PC an A-, but I’m just not a fan of MMO’s or RTS’, so the PC didn’t really offer me much at all this year. Oh, and the PSP deserves way more than a C+... it was actually one of it’s best years yet with Peace Walker, VC2, God of War and, of course, getting even more PS1 classics to play on it.

eagle212708d ago

Wii gets an A for 2010. :)

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