The wow moment in Battlefield: Bad Company 2 -- Vietnam

"When you play as many video games as game journalists do (purely for business reasons, of course), a certain smug awareness can creep in. That's a good thing, really. Being a little jaded separates the enthusiastic fanboy from the opinionated professional."

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scar202530d ago

Carne asada anyone?lol.Can't wait to play this.

blumatt2530d ago (Edited 2530d ago )

I'll be getting this from PSN soon! Battlefield BC2 is so much more realistic than Call of Duty games. I felt like I graduated from CoD to the Battlefield series after I started playing BC2. haha I love the destructible environments and realistic jumping, damage, and shooting. The sniping is so much more rewarding since you have to actually accomadate distance and bullet drop.

Arup022530d ago

Battlefield isnt realistic, sorry.

soundslike2530d ago

MORE realistic THAN

just like my shitty old taurus is FASTER THAN a fiat 500, but is it fast? I wouldn't say so lol

ECM0NEY2530d ago


"more realistic than Call of Duty"

blumatt didnt say the game was realistic. Just more real than COD.

Learn to read...

Arup022530d ago


I know how to read mate.

DigitalAnalog2530d ago

True, but I think he means you have "selective" reading.

-End of Line

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jdktech20102530d ago

This expansion is excellent and a crazy good value for 15's hard to explain but the sheer atmosphere of this game makes it very different from BC2 despite similar shooting mechanics.

This is how you do DLC other developers (even you Bungie)

Zachmo1822530d ago

Rockstar has been doing it for like 2 years now.

StarScream4Ever2530d ago

For $15 this is the absolute must buy for BC2 owners. Its fun and chaotic. :D

VenomProject2530d ago

I'm playing this RIGHT NOW, the Hamburger Hill map is an amazing spectacle that's on par with Omaha Beach in 1942.

Serjikal_Strike2530d ago

Damn I need to download this ASAP

CrzyFooL2530d ago

Fucking Steam servers are at capacity and I'm downloading at like 12kb/sec and won't be able to play this for like another 7 hours so I'm going to cry about it on N4G.


walker012530d ago

switch he download server location to a place where people are sleeping :D

if you can still do that with steam :D

jdktech20102530d ago

last I checked, you still could...did it for L4D2 during their summer sale

CrzyFooL2530d ago

orly? how do I do that? thanks for the heads up. +1 for you if this works!!

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The story is too old to be commented.