EA Boss Has No Sympathy for Bobby Kotick

Electronic Arts for many years was seen as the "big, bad evil game publisher," and while some of those feelings are still around in the gaming community, hardcore gamers now are focused more on Activision Blizzard and CEO Bobby Kotick. EA CEO John Riccitiello was frequently criticized and vilified online with mock-ups that made him look like Darth Vader (which he thought was "funny"). Now, much of that has relented and gamers are turning their laser sights towards Kotick.

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donniebaseball2737d ago

Wow, certainly no love lost between the heads of EA and Activision.

Redgehammer2737d ago

Let me begin by saying I am not referring to the PS3 in the following comment. EA, for the longest time, was 2nd only to Sony in companies that I despised. I am older now, and realize that despising a company is a waste of emotion, and that I can express my opinions with my wallet. Sony fell into disfavor with me way back in the 1980's and now the only facet of Sony that I like is Sony Pictures, I do not have to deal with Sony customer support; and sometimes the films are really good. At one point I wished EA would collapse, or start making better games, but then it snagged Bioware, and I had to open my wallet. I loved the Activision that made Pitfall, but they lost me after that. Alas; however, Activision has practically guaranteed that I will have to open my wallet due to the Bungie deal. Sigh! I agree that EA has improved its reputation, and in my personal book I would consider buying an EA game brand new way before an Activision brand. EA relearned that without the Gamer, your shareholders suffer, and maybe that is what needs to happen for Activision.