Review: Crossfire 2 (

If you’ve been paying any attention to the Xbox Live “Indie Games Winter Uprising” showcase, then you’ve probably noticed that a majority of the games are a take on titles and/or genres from the past. Crossfire 2 is no exception, and yet it plays like a new game should, offering something new and exciting over it’s predecessor and the game it was modeled after. So while the Crossfire series may play like a Space Invaders clone on steroids, Crossfire 2 offers enough innovation to avoid labeling itself a ripoff. The question is, does Crossfire 2 defend against the ever invading indie/clone pitfalls so many other shmups seem to run into, or does it crash and burn like the rest?

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rrquinta2889d ago

Normally I would say, "ANOTHER Space Invaders clone?" But this seems worth it.

tigresa2889d ago

I agree but I definitely dig the stylization these clones have been taking. That acid glow trip look, reminds me of the Pac-Man Championship Edition.

fonzii2889d ago

Holy crap this looks amazing O___O

dwightmccarthy2889d ago

seems like a fun indie game