Gametrailers: Best Racing Game Award

This year saw the release of several long-awaited franchise updates as well as some newcomers jumping into the fray, but there can only be one winner! Find out which game takes the gold in the GameTrailers Game of the Year Award for Best Racing Game!

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awiseman2831d ago (Edited 2831d ago )

Interesting to see, if they are totesterone filled clowns running a kindergarten play now...

on topic: As you can see they graded the game as a whole. ans their 8/10 score did not affect its nomination.

Dark_Charizard2831d ago

I was expecting NFS to win, but GT5 ttly deserves this!

LukaX232831d ago

Haha I read this as I wait for a race to start in GT5. Totally deserved it, loving the new patch.

InfectedDK2831d ago (Edited 2831d ago )

As I find Hot Pursuit a great enjoyable title I just don't see it as perfected and long lasting as GT5 so I agree 100% with GameTrailers. GT5 is a game you get really into just like RPGs fx. It doesn't mean that all the other games aren't great games too!

BTW am I the only one finding the new European seasonal avents very difficult? o.o

Pacman3212831d ago

It got 9/10 on GT didn't it.....

arika2831d ago (Edited 2831d ago )

surprisingly a well known site that have their eyes wide open to the truth. GT5 totally deserve this crown! GT5 the best racing game ever.

FinalSpartan2831d ago

NFS best racing game this year. Including sims and arcade racers. Hope criterion bring back Burnout!The best racing game ever!

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Hard_Gay2831d ago

GT5 is amazing, GO buy this game people.

NatureOfLogic2831d ago

getting it this week,can't wait.

Ratchet5102831d ago

YEA! GT5 is great and the most sold racing game in history. Good choice GT.

phatak2831d ago

well gt 5 atleast gets appreciated somewhere!! Damn this game has so much content but reviewers just pick on the subtle things like menus and premium cars and damage which if they played till level 40 would be unlocked. 3d and headtracking wasnt even mentioned in any review. And had This game come with the most recent patch then the reviews itself would be so much better. watevea its an awesome game and any racing fan should play it

dkgshiz2831d ago

It was the only true racing game this year.

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The story is too old to be commented.