GameSpot: Best Boss Fights Award

GameSpot writes: "Boss fights have been part of computer and video games since the beginning. While they're not always fashionable, they can be a thing of beauty when they're done right. This award celebrates the very best climactic battles this year."

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Rikitatsu2915d ago

The boss fights in Bayonetta were multi-tiered, creative, fun, and totally over the top.

Rightfully deserving the award.

Gambit072915d ago

Terrible game, boring boss fights, except the one on the water.

NecrumSlavery2915d ago (Edited 2915d ago )

I wouldn't say Bayonetta had boring boss fights at all. Some were ok, some were epic.

I give this to God of War 3 though. Every fight was great. Every boss fight was violent and challenging. Poseiden, the scropion gaurd, and Cronos are on a scale that's untouchable. The shear size and action is none like anything seen before. And hades looked like a painting. Hercules was a brawl to be remembered, and Hermes was an enjoyment in the gore. Hell even the smallest of mini bosses, like the Chimera was amazing to fight against. But to each his own. This is Gamespot's pick.

irish-leprecaun2915d ago

i mean watch the video and even from the short clips the hades fight looks 10 times better and even the sound is way better. this is yet more evidence that gamespot are fanboys. if gow3 was xbox only we all know it would have won. pity it aint possible :/

ABizzel12914d ago

Bayonetta has some good moments like fighting the dragon in the church. But overall God of War 3 has the best boss fights to me.

rjdofu2914d ago

Yes, the sea boss was epic, mostly because of its creative setting. However, nothing special about Bayonetta boss besides their oversized body.

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Blaze9292915d ago (Edited 2915d ago )

and the award goes to...'every' God of War 3 boss fight. I don't really see any other game beating GoW3 in terms of boss fights and it's scales.


wait, Bayonetta won? Are you f'ing kidding me? This is why I never go to Gamespot.

Ratchet5102915d ago

Yes they are really stupid, God of war 3 has the most epic block buster boss battles in gaming history because if it wasnt for kratos then you wouldnt see anything like bayonetta, darksiders, Dante's Inferno. I dont know why i even bother making an account on gamespot.

evrfighter2915d ago (Edited 2915d ago )

god of war 3 boss fights went

mash X!!!!!
do a 180 on the thumbstick...

um ya
here's GoW3 boss fights in a nutshell.

nycredude2915d ago


Here is all your comments in a nutshell.

blah blah blah ps3 sucks blah blah blah

If you think you can beat GOW (any of them) like that then you never played any of them.

Homicide2915d ago

The only good boss fight in GOW3 was Poseidon. Hades was okay, Hercules was decent, Cronos was all flash, and Zeus was overwhelming disappointing. It didn't live up to the one in GOW2.

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Acquiescence2915d ago

Awful abomination of a game.

Sonyslave32915d ago

Hell Bayonetta boss battle are totally over the top.

Dark Collosis2914d ago

Havent played Bayonetta yet but i LOVED the boss fights in GoW3.. EPIC

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Zydake2915d ago

wow i never played Mario Galaxy but by seeing that fight it gave me some interest.

kramun2915d ago

It does have some great bosses.

Ratchet5102915d ago

God of War 3 has the best boss fights wtf si wrong with these stupid sony haters, God of War 3 delivers the most epic boss battles since God of War1. You haters need to grow up and play God of War or mabe it was to hard for you guys because you to weak for a sony exclusives.

acky12915d ago (Edited 2915d ago )

exactly. GoW3 is the best game of its genre. Gamespot try to hard to please 360 fanboys since they are butthurt over the state their console is in.
Sony 'til I die

kramun2915d ago

Ratchet510 and acky1 = A match made in heaven.


Quietpower102915d ago

Here is one simple question for your comment: Do you have hard evidence to prove Gamespot is attempting to "please" 360 fanboys? Otherwise you're just making foolish statements taht are not true, but rather making yourself look like an idiot.
Besides, I agree that God of War 3's boss fights are amazing but Gamespot chose Bayonette for their own personal preferences.

Black-Helghast2915d ago


redDevil872915d ago

Hades and Hercules were 2 of my favourite this year

despair2915d ago

you're forgetting the BIG one :)

despair2915d ago

actually I was talking about Cronus but I see where your mind is lol.

despair2915d ago

hmm not my choice but then again I hated bayonetta, I thought the boss fights were decent but to much crazy for me. I would choose GOW3 for what has to be the greatest boss fight in any game(not difficulty)...won't say more but those who played it will know what I'm talking about.

RedDead2915d ago (Edited 2915d ago )

Which one(chronos maybe?)? I don't think GOd of War had the best boss battles i've played, this year definately (I didn't play Bayonette so I can't comment on that). There's some other games I would put above it from MGS series and Final Fantasy, and as an Action game(I know it's an Action RPG but...) I would actually put Kingdom Hearts 1 in there for best third person action game where you have a sword magic etc.Saying that, I really don't like kingdom hearts but i'll give it props where it's due some. The boss battles were really Random sometimes but still great, they were very varied. Even allowing you to fly around a giant sandbox fighting some of them, and the final boss was a mixture of all those things.

despair2915d ago

I meant this year, not over all time, but yea I thought Cronus was insane for just the magnitude of it. KH definitely had some really cool Boss battles..

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