GameSpot: Best Original IP Award

GameSpot writes: "This category calls out the year's best new intellectual properties--a term that refers collectively to the story, world, and characters presented in a new game. The award recognizes the 2010 games that had the most intriguing story, the most inventive worlds, and the most memorable characters."

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Rikitatsu2767d ago

Bayonetta is snatching awards left and right...

Acquiescence2767d ago

Give me Alan Wake and Enslaved over that overhyped tripe.

And where the hell was Heavy Rain?!

schlanz2767d ago

I liked Bayonetta but you're right, where the hell was Heavy Rain?

Quagmire2767d ago

Enalsved and Heavy Rain > Devil Ma- oh sorry, Bayonetta.

redDevil872767d ago (Edited 2767d ago )

wow, all you do is come to N4G and blad about Bayonetta.

I bet when the first bayonetta 2 trailer is out you'll be the first to comment.

also why no heavy rain 0_0

Black-Helghast2767d ago

Because Gamespot if full of S#!%^.

Drekken2767d ago

Bayonetta was such a turd. This game was just too quirky and lame for me. Fight 3 guys - Load screen. Fight 3 guys - Load screen. Horrible dialog and horrendous story now grants games GOTY in categories.

I never had any WOW moments with baoynetta like I had with GOW. Gamespot just took a big hit in respect with me.

dgroundwater2767d ago

I knew it had to be Platinum related with you submiting the story XD

And it deserves the award. Props to Gamespot for not forgetting about a fantastic IP at the beginning of the year.

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NovusTerminus2767d ago

Well, it didn't win but... RESONANCE OF FATE!!!

It should have won. But still, I think Bayonetta will be around for a while, and does deserve it as well!

darklordzor2767d ago

In another year filled with lots of sequels (not that I'm complaining) it's just nice to know there are still several new IPs coming out.

ArtsyGamer2767d ago

Oh god, they are going to list each of these awards as a different article?

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The story is too old to be commented.