Free Black Ops Xbox Live multiplayer weekend coming in January

We recognize that the odds of you being a consummate Call of Duty: Black Ops player that hasn't dipped into the game's online multiplayer offerings are slim indeed, but we still thought we'd share -- Activision will host a free Xbox Live multiplayer weekend for the game early next year. Any Silver subscribers who pop into the game from January 28 - 30 will be able to play against other worldwide soldiers at no cost.

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wiis2708d ago

not worth it, free or not...

AJ Hartley2708d ago

i Agree but not that its a bad game i just dont think its as good as mw2 thats my opinion but there was something addictive about mw2 i thought it was just the fact that cod was dieing on my gaming needs but nope, i have recently been playing mw2 and have loved it still, but havent played blackops in like 3 weeks since gran turismo 5 came out.