GoGamingGiant: Best Games of 2010

GoGamingGiant announces its picks for the best games of 2010.

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omicron0092863d ago

was hoping SC2 would win for game of the year.

Murgatroyd72863d ago

I'm glad to see Blur getting some of the recognition it deserves.

teh2863d ago

agree, sc2 should have one goty. Cant believe there wasn't enough love for gran turismo. :(

RaymondM2863d ago

It was a tough battle between star craft and Mass Effect, but I think mass effect won fair and square. The single player of SC2 was good, but nothing to brag on about, multiplayer was the best part, however ME2 has replay value and an intricate story. It was close, but I think ME2 was hands down the winner

ItsEvan2862d ago

I strongly disagree with your statement. Starcraft 2 had huge amounts of replay value to it. You can play multiplayer ladder with around a million competitive players, or play custom games for free created by the community, from RPG's to third person shooters, to good ol' tower defenses. Not only to mention that it has online capability, so you can always play with friends.

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