gamrReview Game of the Year Awards - PSP

The gamrReview staff and gamrConnect readers pick their game of the year winners for the Sony PSP.

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Torillian2916d ago

Nice to see Persona 3 Portable and Valkyria Chronicles 2 getting some well deserved awards.

kthsdlr2916d ago

Interesting read. There are some surprises in there as well as some 'no-duh' moments.

swirldude2916d ago

"Oh Crap, It's The Duke" may be the best line in a PSP game this year!

bmw692916d ago

Some surprises in there...

naznatips2916d ago

I wish MGS had won something, but then when I thought about it the better games won in the places MGS could have. For me anyway.

BeardedGamerShow2916d ago

Eh, I think Peace Walker all the way for GotY, but then I don't like Valkyria Chronicles games.