MS refutes Kinect accuracy rumours

CVG: Microsoft has refuted rumours suggesting that it is to release a Firmware update for Kinect that will "quadruple" the accuracy of the sensor.

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NecrumSlavery2916d ago

MS: "We couldn't be more pleased with the fidelity of the technology and clearly consumers agree given we sold more than 2.5 million units around the world in the first 25 days Kinect was on the market."

I'll translate: "The rumors aren't true. Why the f-ck would we fix our already downgraded system, which is selling like crazy? It costs money to make firmware. We got our expensive camera down to $58 in production costs by removing all the HD resolution and lag reducing features, but still managed to sell it at $150. So if the consumers foolishly buy this device at $150, we'll just let them keep on buying it. When sales die down, we will release a Kinect Slim"

Dramscus2916d ago (Edited 2916d ago )

I gave you a bubble up since I know you'll probably get a bunch for flaming from the loyal xbox fans.

Any neutral party can see thats how Microsoft treats their customers. It's why them and activision do so well in bed together.

BabyTownFrolics2916d ago (Edited 2916d ago )

this is n4g

didnt you know that xbox fans on this site are just ps3 fans in disguise looking to troll.

it is the same phenomenon as adult men who troll chat rooms pretending to be teenage girls.

all I see in this thread is anti kinect folk looking to pick fights.

AAACE52916d ago

Seeing how I keep going to stores and they just keep disappearing, I wouldn't change anything either!

Just at Toys R Us doing some shopping and saw they had only 1 Kinect sensor left and none of the Kinect console bundles left. They were giving away a free bowling game with it though, don't remember the name.

Dramscus2916d ago

Babytown. I don't see any reason why a site would have a larger number of specific users of one console or another besides more PS3 users being bigger game geeks than xbox users.
If it's true I guess it just goes to show where most of the casual and hardcore users place their favour.
Though like I said I don't see any reason why a site would have more one than another or why one console would have more hardcore or casual users.

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Mystogan2916d ago (Edited 2916d ago )

Uhmm no only the internal Parts were $58 dollars
now count the external parts and software (costs money too you know).
and not to mention you gotta get profit from it too, for the manufacturer and MS itself.

an example: everybody knows that a bottle of pepsi only costs about 50cents to make but the end product always ends up being about $2.
thats because everyone has to make a profit.

Nicaragua2916d ago

External parts - what the fuck are you talking about?

And the software cost is minimal, if it cost that much to do then you wouldnt be seeing all the homebrew mods appearing.

Mike134nl2916d ago (Edited 2916d ago )

Things like transportation, packaging, marketing, and last but not least R&D. The biggest cost of natal are of course those for the R&D(or buying of companies/ technology).

The software solutions provided by microsoft for the infrared camera and emitter, skeletal tracking and of course the software for voice+ face recognition etc,do require some if not allot of money..

hesido2916d ago

Asking companies to sell products for direct hardware cost is worse than asking game companies to sell their games for DVD / Bluray disk cost ($1?), yet the games sell for $40-60.

There's of course going to be costs associated with research and development, just as games are being made by people who need to earn their bread.

Although, one thing to keep in mind is the extra ordinary amount of money spent by MS to market the thing. The marketing costs will surely be reflected in the price tag.

GodofSackboy2916d ago

Probably the best translation, and comment, I have ever seen. Bubbles

HolyOrangeCows2916d ago (Edited 2916d ago )

"Microsoft has refuted rumours suggesting that it is to release a Firmware update for Kinect that will "quadruple" the accuracy of the sensor"

Reminds me of Cuba banning Michael Moore's Sicko film for painting a mythical look at Cuban healthcare.
(The only sources of negations are from Moore himself and some communist/socialist sites)

YOUR-MUM2916d ago

Sounds very much like the playstation to playstation slim really.

hesido2916d ago

Do you guys seriously think MS reduced the cost of Kinect by reducing the resolution through software? That's not clever, OR cost reducing. If their hardware supported such resolutions, they should have supported it from beginning, as it doesn't save costs. It will probably cut down processing overhead and latency, tho. That's the only reason they could lower the res through software. Otherwise, it would be very stupid of them.

It costs money to make firmware, yes, but in MS's terms, the costs would be negligible with respect to how much they'd get back considering the ability to track fingers and wrist rotation. The amount of "hypeability" would be much better.

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Vesemir2916d ago

And people keep buying it. That's the worse part.
Tsc, tsc, tsc...

Tru_Ray2916d ago

I played a boxing game on Kinect last weekend at Best Buy. It was mildly amusing, but I was genuinely surprised by the amount of lag on the game. I enjoyed my brief experience with the peripheral, but it is hardly worth buying a console for. Perhaps I am just biased against motion controls. I will not purchase a move until Sony releases some compelling software for it.

blackburn52916d ago (Edited 2916d ago )

Oh well. This is why I try to keep boasting to a minimum before I end up putting my foot in my mouth and looking

EVO-OM3GA2916d ago

Not trying to rock any boats or lable the article a lie but alot of companies have denied rumours concerning them when it comes to anything then have gone out and done the exact thing they denied, so I will wait and see what happens if it gets an update great if it dont then it dont

Otheros002916d ago

Like Square Enix saying and denying that FFXIII will not get released for xbox 360 in Japan.

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