Media Molecule wishes everyone a very happy 2011

MM: This year has been a very full on one here at the Molecule. Not only have we spent many long days and nights here designing, creating & finalising LittleBigPlanet 2, the Molecule family has also grown - celebrating four marriages, two engagements, four babies, and one more baby on the way. It’s lovely to see our small team grow :)

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blizzard_cool2913d ago

Mm, I need to say this. We thank you and we love you.

Happy holidays, from us gamers!

GodofSackboy2913d ago

Who the hell is disagreeing with you and everyone!! Nobody can't love MM hell I only live a few miles away from their offices

blizzard_cool2913d ago

haha, that's awesome! You should leave them a love letter in front of the entrance XD

DORMIN2913d ago

Merry Christmas to Mm!

Thank you for the Christmas demo gift XD
Can't wait to play LBP2 demo today!

scar202913d ago

Just give me LBP2 and my year will be made i wanna try this so bad.

Lirky2913d ago

Thanks Mm. It was fun Beta testing Lbp1 closed-beta,online-create,wate r-beta, And also Beta testing Lbp2 im outting saying that i did a great deal testing lbp franchise ill leave it at that.

Lbp universe emerges us with unique amazing ideas and how it changes a horrible sad day to a bright pleasant day such an amazing game.

slinky1234562913d ago

And Merry Christmas to you MM.

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The story is too old to be commented.