Top 10 Best Wii Games of all time

GR - While it can be difficult, particularly if one only has room in the budget for one console, to opt for the one with the least amount of multi-platform titles available, we've put together a list of games which make a case in favor of the Wii.

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Valay2770d ago

I see no Metroid Prime 3 on the list!

Dramscus2770d ago

Don't see enough lists for the wii. It's always PS3 and Xbox 360. Everybody knows what games those two have.

Maybe next time do a list of even less heard of games, any indie wii games? Epic rpg's? I don't have the system but my gf does I want to know about some games I should try on it.

kramun2770d ago

Yeah it's quite strange that MP3 isn't there, or Muramasa. Imo anyway.

rufioho2770d ago

Good thing Kirby's Epic Yarn isn't there, that game was broken.

gameseveryday2770d ago

Resident Evil 4 was probably the second best game in the series. I'll take RE5 over it anyday!!

Dramscus2770d ago

How were the controls in the RE games on the wii. Like how did they work. Shooting with the motion? Auto Camera?

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The story is too old to be commented.