PlayStation Blog EU: LittleBigPlanet 2 – European Release Date, And More

Alex Pavey:

The year is drawing to a close, here in the UK we’re recovering from “SNOW CHAOS!” – but soon the days will slowly start getting longer again, so let’s celebrate with some great LBP 2 news.

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sinncross2466d ago

After some of the awesome things done in the beta, LBP2 seems like it will be worth the community efforts alone... well the really good ones at least :)

haha Sackboy is too adorable!

Freak of Nature2466d ago (Edited 2466d ago )

Speaking of community efforts...

In case you missed this over at lbp central in the community spotlights you have over 500 (54 spotlights) or so top notch levels.And this will continue on with LBP2....Link below...

I love the creativity,style,charm and above and beyond fun this series provides.

Undeadwolfy2466d ago

Holy Crap! That music sequencer is freaking EPIC! MGS Soundtrack Remake will definitley be what I do first.

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silkrevolver2466d ago

It’s nice to see that the non-US release dates are almost day and date with America... I’d hate to wait. It’s like having a game come out in Japan and waiting a few months for it... It’s really quite annoying.

Arup022466d ago

So sad... I don't have a PS3, and i really wanted to play this game. It looks awesome!

fucadastates2466d ago

go buy one. they are cheap as fUcx.
hope for one in xmas then:)

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