Game North: Keepin' It Real - In Defense of the MMORPG

MMOs are either a love them or hate them gaming genre. In this week's Keepin' It Real, Dana plays devil's advocate and dissects MMOs to explain their appeal to those who may not "get it."

From the article:

"I think the better question would be “what is so appealing about MMORPGs?” because World of Warcraft isn’t exactly breaking any moulds. If anything, World of Warcraft is just another game in a very misunderstood and often hated gaming genre. Whether you play the original Everquest or Vindictus, you are playing a game that follows a basic formula: create a character, level him or her through quests and dungeons and obtain better gear. It’s an endless cycle and oftentimes it’s coupled with a $15 monthly subscription fee. Who could love such a thing?"

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