Top Ten Video Game System Disasters

Some Gamers are very familiar with Nintendo, Super, 64, Playstation, 2, Xbox, 360, but for every successful platform, there are absolute disasters. These disasters simply do not sell and quickly exit the market for a variety of reasons. Following are the Top Ten Video Game System Failures and the reasons they did not make it.

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TriggerHappy3601d ago

I never knew a PSX DVR was ever released until today...whoa..*_*

stunt2133601d ago

i never knew that apple and panasonic released video gaming console before

thereapersson3601d ago

8. 3DO Interactive Multiplayer

- Co-designed by RJ Mical and the team behind the Amiga, and marketed by Electronic Arts founder Trip Hawkins, this "multimedia machine" released in 1993 was marketed as a family entertainment device and not just a video game console. The success and quality of subsequent next generation systems which began coming onto the market in the mid-90's, the limited library of titles, the lack of third-party support, and a refusal to reduce pricing until almost the end of the product's life (US$699.95 at release) were among the many issues that led to the platform's demise and the company's exit from the hardware market.

SmokeyMcBear3601d ago

yes.. 700 dollars in 1993 (when other systems were around a hundred and fifty bucks), is the same as 600 dollars in 2007. Good analogy there buddy.

BlazinEurasian3601d ago

did the 3DO sell 6 million units in its first year?

tplarkin73601d ago

The 3D0 was from a new company. The Saturn was supposed to win the console race against the PS1. But it was too expensive and difficult for developers.

Alvadr3601d ago

The 3D0 sold 1.35 million throughout its entire life!

Source: VG

thereapersson3601d ago

Just wanted to see what a little troublemaking caused.

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CRIMS0N_W0LF3601d ago

Commodor 64 on that list? FTW I know a lot of people that had that and I loved mine. Mine also STILL WORKS after all these years.

sticky doja3601d ago

It is actually talking about the C64GS. It was a cartidge-based console.

CRIMS0N_W0LF3601d ago (Edited 3601d ago )

Ah I see I got the one with Cassette one. I remember leaving it 20 min to load lol. My 1st game ever on it was Ghost Busters ...:S I remember the 1st level was all Red with black outline and go down into a sewer :)

Lucidmantra3601d ago

yeah i had a C64 also...

Dunno how they can say too much about the C64... but they confused big-time because the cartridge was in my system also but allowed you to hook-up the FDD, HDD, and the Tape Drive to it also.

They must be on crack to say anything bad about the c-64 though. It was far from a failure. It was the other things that killed Commodore Computers.

ReBurn3601d ago

The Commodore 64 GS was never released in the states. The original C64 was an awesome machine for its time. You had to have the floppy drive to make the best use of it.

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Premonition3601d ago

I really thought when the price wasnt announced for the PS3 yet, sony would sit back and think about the PSX and how bad it did and hopefully bring the price to around 299-399 but I was wrong, but then again the PS3 is a next gen system looks nicer and slammer than the PSX. But all thats over with and right now PS3 is doing pretty well at the price point its at now in Japan and hopefully a good price will be coming for Japan from TGS 2007.

CadDad3601d ago

I have 5/10 of those systems. Ha Ha. Collectors unite!


gololo3601d ago

I have 5...well I had 5 when my parents took away my Virtual Boy when they read the news about the eyes strain...I cried lol

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