The Conquest of Two Worlds: Part 4 [Gameplay video with commentary]

Matt and Ryan of continue their goal of completing Two Worlds. They plan to play through the entire game, providing live commentary along the way.

This is just the forth episode of the series. This time around, we can't manage to find our horse and we attempt to decipher a confusing maps. We even journey in search of a man named Ho.

The Conquest series has the members of recording a entire play-through of whichever game they see fit. This time around, it's all about Two Worlds. Watch them play the game, while providing interesting, and sometimes funny, commentary along the way. Stay tuned to as new videos will be released on a regular basis.

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TWIXMIX2916d ago

Let us know what you think. There are more coming down the pipe!

MountainMaverick2916d ago

Good stuff as always. Keep 'em coming!