Spawn Kill Review: Yogi Bear: The Video Game

Spawn Kill's Elizabeth Burnette writes, "As many gamers might recall a certain bear whose weakness was pic-a-nic baskets, D3 Publisher and Warner Bros. created Yogi Bear for the Nintendo DS and the Wii to go along with the box office release of the 3D live action movie of a childhood classic. But does this game do the “smarter-than-the-average-bear ” icon and his trustworthy friend any justice?"

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tigresa2554d ago

Decent movie game it sounds like. From the sounds of it, not something I'd regret if I bought it for my cousins.

rrquinta2554d ago

Yeah I would have expected this to suck like most other movie tie-ins.

Drachaus2554d ago

*Yogi voice* Better than the average movie game, eh boo-boo?

K-Tuck2554d ago

I really actually hate Yogi bear.

ShadowPraxis2553d ago

That movie -- the fact that it exists makes my brain hurt. I wouldn't really expect less from the game.