Looking Backwards: Five Franchises Renewed

2011 is shaping up to be a huge year for videogames, with plenty of sequels and new franchises being announced. One particular trend which is revealing itself, however, is the revisiting of old franchises. Games from many years ago which haven’t been seen or heard from since are suddenly getting sequels or reboots. GameZone takes a look at five.

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CodeSe7en2552d ago

Duke Nukem, easily - it's been, well, forever! However, I'm eyeing Deus Ex, as well!

Hellsvacancy2552d ago

Deus Ex 3 will rape everything, i cant wait

Slaptarze2552d ago

lots of reboots for me. New 360 Dreamcast stuff, but full titles not half assed xbox live or psn titles. Firstly Headhunter, which is my second fave DC game. Also jet set radio, chu chu rocket, cosmic smash, skies of arcadia.
But my most wanted is Toy Commander

Cajun Chicken2552d ago

I am SO wanting Cosmic Smash. I recently played the arcade game at an expo called R3play, simply got addicted. Very awesome stylish game.

Caspel2552d ago

I want Jet Set Radio to return =(

cnagel472552d ago

still waiting for a new Crimson Skies...

ghost10822552d ago

Deus Ex is going to be amazing.
Played the hell out of the original for PC.
Cant wait for this one to drop!

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The story is too old to be commented.