10 “Confirmed” Xbox 360 Exclusives to Look Forward in 2011

GB: "A few days ago we did 20 “Confirmed” PlayStation 3 Exclusives to Look Forward in 2011, which was loved by many. So today we are back with a feature for the Xbox 360. Here we have gathered a comprehensive list of 10 Exclusive Xbox 360 games. Just like the previous feature, the list also includes Xbox Live Games."

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xtremexx2891d ago

thank god i was starting to get worried about Xbox

cyborg2891d ago

are exclusives in the truest sense...atleast for me since I give no shit about Kinect yo!

MariaHelFutura2891d ago (Edited 2891d ago )

GeoW3 will probably be on the PC shortly after. Not to rain on anyones parade but it probably will.


and XCOM as stated below. So it`s basically just 4za

esscx2891d ago

lol, XCOM isn't a 360 exclusive it will also be on the PC

SuperKing2891d ago (Edited 2891d ago )

Imagine if Epic announces Gears Of War 3 for the PS3? I think there's a fair chance considering since Epic owns the IP. Plus nowadays it seems MS can't hang on to their 'exclusives' and their developers to save their lives.

Imagine the fanboy meltdown, lol.

ksense2891d ago

a game that cannot be played elsewhere is an exclusive as far as i am concerned....

so XCOM doesn't belong.....

Baka-akaB2891d ago

let's just assume it's not coming i'd say .

It's the same circus every new gears of game .

If it's coming , you'll know anyway

Blacktric2891d ago


"GeoW3 will probably be on the PC shortly after."

Like Gears Of War 2? Try harder next time. I do understand that most of you can't stand the sight of Xbox 360 and its exclusives for some reason but try to be realistic while commenting at least. And yes, X-Com is also coming for the PC. I think 2K is going to follow the way of Bioshock with X-Com and release it for PS3 if it proves to be a success in terms of sales.

TreMillz2891d ago

or in terms of contract is done, time to port

doa7662891d ago

under the same logic I could say that Dead Space Extraction is a PS3 exclusive, am I right?

ArtsyGamer2891d ago

The main problem with this list is that hardly any of these even have release dates, they are just announced games. They could easily come out in 2012

I_find_it_funny2891d ago

do not worry, Microsoft should announce more Kinect games soon LMAO

doa7662891d ago

tell me, is Dead Space Extraction a PS3 exclusive?

or maybe you can call it a "a japanese companies console exclusive" or "consoles released on 2006 exclusive", how about "companies that don't charge for online gaming exclusive"?

you see how ridiculous is that? no game that appears on more than one platform is an exclusive of any kind

(wait, I got another one: Dead Space Extraction is a "WI-FI console exclusive")

SasanovaS19872891d ago

that list is painful to look at...real talk

Kran2891d ago


OK.... 10 "Microsoft" Exclusives.

Mystogan2891d ago


why would gears 3 be on PC when gears 2 was NOT on PC?

they decided to not put it on PC because it was more successful on Xbox 360.

PirateThom2891d ago

Why would Fable 3 be on PC if Fable 2 wasn't?
Why would Dead Rising 2 be on PS3 if Dead Rising wasn't?
Why would Mass Effect 2 be on PS3 if Mass Effect wasn't?

That's the sort of path this leads down, there's no logical reasoning for franchises appearing on other platforms.

No Way2891d ago

Iduno about the first two... buuuuuuut,
Mass Effect 2 because BioWare went to EA.
And, Mass Effect 1 is published by MS. :)

Chubear2891d ago (Edited 2891d ago )

Gear3 IS on PC as we speak. You can disagree with that all day long but it's only going to hurt more when it's announced.

Forza4 is a bit iffy. You have to admit even Forza fans were surprised at the announcement of a 2011 release date. To me it seemed MS just pushed that to show something for the VGAs but will likely announce a delay next year or Forza4 won't be exactly what we think it is.

Xcom is not 360 exclusive either.

So essentially 360gamers get to have a really awesome time with Kinect games next year cause that's the bulk of exclusivity from MS but hey, with the announcement of Kinect coming to PC even those Kinect or "kinect enabled" games may not be exclusive,

2011 doesn't look promising for a console that's been out 6yrs but hey, it's been that way since 2008 and somehow some gamers pull off some crazy mental gymnastics with these exclusive games and call it even or even say MS had more exclusives at the end of the year.

2011 will be no different I can see. ...yeah, I'm back b1t*&#@s!

IaMs122891d ago

Kinda hope it goes on PC, id rather play it maxed out with better visuals, if not its cool im getting it either way.

From the look and sound of these games, i bet its going to be a hit or miss. A really big awesome line up, or half of them will just be like half the Wii games out there, and thats what im afraid of. All well, glad i own a PC, 360 and now a PS3, i get best of all the worlds, also Wii at home.

frostbite062891d ago

"Gear3 IS on PC as we speak. You can disagree with that all day long but it's only going to hurt more when it's announced."

No it won't for the same reason Gears 2 wasn't, sales. It costs money to put it that crap on the pc and the consumers won't reward epic, just like UT3 flopped on the pc. PC consumers want crysis, half life, battlefield, cod...........not 3rd person shooters that are ported over a year and half later. For people that have a pc and a 360, sales would be 95% on the 360. Thats why you won't see GEOW3 on the pc.

lh_swe2891d ago (Edited 2891d ago )

PirateTom - No logical reason...? What about money and company changes; be it first to third party studio, change of staff or a maturing of idea's and how the company perceives the console (in particular Valvle)...There is always a reason and it is usually logical, perhaps not well if you don't work there it's hard to know whats going on with a developer.

On topic - I am super excited for next year, I hope nothing more is announced for next year tho, I am already short of time as it is...on second thought though maybe thats best because then most games will have time to go down in price before I pick em' up.

AAACE52891d ago

Please people, quit saying "GeoW 3"... It looks and sounds stupid! Gears 3 will do just fine!

Biggest2891d ago

I'm guessing that PirateThom's misplaced comma confused you, lh_swe. He was saying that the logic goes out the window when you start believing the things that Mystogan says. He questioned why Gears 3 would end up on the PC if Gears 2 was not. Using that "logic" isn't very logical.

elpresador2891d ago

....why is it that a 360/pc game is said to not be exclusive but u always hear that ff14 and at one point dc online to be ps3 exclusive even though they too are on pc?

I'm sorry but being a console gamer, if game x can only be played on system y then it is exclusive. Let's be honest here, most of these ps3 annoys that say they can play game x on their p c are most likely not even gaming on their pc and would probably never do such. Still, if u want to get technical, doesn't the pc usually have tons more exclusives than any system?

specialguest2890d ago

I'm interested in seeing how these Kinect games will be played. I am assuming these Kinect titles are full blown games, and not just gimmicky games.

Shepherd 2142890d ago

Gears 2 never came out on the PC. Sorry to rain on your parade.

heroprotagonist2890d ago


I fully admit that next year's 360 lineup is looking weak for my tastes. But by the same token this year the 360 lineup was much better than the PS3 lineup for my tastes.

The PS3 only had GOW3 that strongly appealed to me this year. The 360 had several games that I had to buy - like Mass Effect 2, Alan Wake, Splinter Cell Conviction, Fable 3 and Halo Reach. There was also Heavy Rain on the PS3 and Metro 2033 on the 360.

My point is, one bad year doesn't change everything. I still look at my collection of games for both consoles and notice that there are more exclusive 360 games I own than PS3 exclusives that I own. I just buy the games I like and that is how it has turned out. Next year it looks like I will finally buy more exclusives for the PS3 in one year than for the 360. Big deal. It doesn't change what has come before and it doesn't even indicated what the next year after that will be like. Will Sony have blown its wad in 2011 and end up having a weak 2012? Who knows. All I am saying is I look at the big picture, not just a single year.

XabiTheHumble2890d ago (Edited 2890d ago )

@elpresador You do know that by definition, a PC is a console right? Just throwing that out there...

elpresador2890d ago

I don't see the pc as a console because to me a console is basically only used to play games and games only as its mailn function. A pc has it as a feature but most don't just have a pc to game. A matter of perspective I guess

gman_moose2890d ago (Edited 2890d ago )


Nice opinions there bud. After reading that post, it appears to me that you're nothing more than a 360 fanboy who may or may not own a PS3 as well (likely jumped on the UC2 bandwagon).

So GoW3 was the only game that appealed to you.... doesn't mean that's all Sony had does it? Alan Wake obviously didn't appeal to many gamers, so we could just say it doesn't count. It certainly didn't do well on Metacritic... yet Heavy Rain and Gran Turismo 5 scored pretty well, but since they didn't appeal to YOU, Sony had a weak year... right, got it.


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Iamback2891d ago

So now you are less worried because there are so many exclusives about which you have no freaking clue how they look/play/fun or anything other then their names, for which in some case isn't really a name, but more like temporary title aka PROJECT Kingdoms, project Draco etc.
Seriously wtf?!
We need HHG to say RIDIDICULOUS!

MariaHelFutura2891d ago

Man, they gotta give the 360 only community something to hope for. Cause if your not interested in Kinect, the 360 isn`t looking so hot for 2011.

Captain Tuttle2891d ago

The 360 only community can't play multiplats?

Try trolling smarter, not harder.

Infernostew2891d ago

Who knows if any of those project blank name games will be released in 2011. Keep dreaming for exclusives.

Anon19742891d ago Show
guigsy2891d ago

Yet it's fine to hype Agent... stop the hypocrisy.

Biggest2891d ago

Who is hyping Agent right now? If you're referring to PS3 fans, you're wrong. The hype train will start as soon as ANY real information is given. There are far too many games being shown and released in the near future only on the PS3 to worry about Agent right now. Please, stop with the deflecting and enjoy the 360 games that don't have names, information, or release dates (which is the entire list provided by this article).

RedDragan2890d ago

I just watched some gameplay of Gears of War 3 on the BBC... the gameplay looks rubbish and the AI is absolutely terrible.

The player was able to run up to an enemy and hide about half a meter infront of it behind a tiny wall. In Killzone 2 that enemy would jump over the wall and beat your sorry butt!

Xbox 360 is so obviously a kids console with dumbed down games.

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ico922891d ago (Edited 2891d ago )

read the article and you'll soon go back to worrying.

RedDragan2890d ago

What, because of Gears of War 3? LOL! It has no AI, just random moving shooting enemies that don't respond to anything the player does. It sucks but I suppose that is what Microsoft is putting all it's eggs into? Doubt that!

Kinect is the only way forward for the 360, for games it is done and dusted with.

TK4212891d ago

Half of those games won't be out next year they will get pushed back or canceled. Just like half the PS3 games will get the same treatment.

If you're a PS3 owner that's good news because that eases the strain on your wallet.

If you're a 360 fan that's bad news because you're not looking at very many exclusives next year then.

ZeldaForever2890d ago (Edited 2890d ago )

i have a ps3 wii and xbox 360 and i know some games ill like to have in the future for all the systems so to me i think you're just trolling dont be fooled you damn idiot any of these giant companys can announce a good game at anytime its people like you that makes me sick and needs to stay off the internet and just play the goddamn game and you dont know what will be pushed back or what will be cancaled so shut it..

Persistantthug2891d ago

Was this a "paid for" exclusive?

I'm asking because I don't see why any company would do and exclusive for any system at this point, when both systems are gonna hit 50 million units at approx the same time.

So does anyone know the story about this games console exclusivity?

2891d ago
gta28002891d ago ShowReplies(3)
WetN00dle692891d ago

XCOM is still exclusive to MS!
Only playable in PC and Xbox.
I dont see it coming to the PS3 or Wii(for now at least) you?

doa7662891d ago

so if I play XCOM on my Sony Vaio laptop running on Linux, is it still a Microsoft exclusive?

evilunklebud2891d ago

But I prefer to play it on a 60-inch screen with a few hundred watts of Dolby surround sound in a nice cinema seat.... so to me, it's an exclusive.

Biggest2891d ago

And you can't do that with a PC because. . . ?

evilunklebud2891d ago

Because I don't want a PC in my media room. A 360 and a PS3 is enough.

dalibor2890d ago

You do know you can do that on a pc as well. Hell you can even game with a 360 controller or even a PS3 or both.

evilunklebud2890d ago

Yeah, I know.... as I said... I don't feel I need another box in my media room.

WetN00dle692890d ago (Edited 2890d ago )

I dont see why not. It matters not on what PC or OS you play it on, if the game has Games for Windows Live stamped to it ITS still MS exclusive. SO have fun playing XCOM on your Sony Linux powered Laptop.

Mmmkay2890d ago

go buy some more ms shares. gotta protect those shares.

WetN00dle692890d ago

If you invest money on something you damn right you have to protect it.

NeutralGamer2890d ago

You can run this in linux?

Then you would need Wine to run it and as far as I know Wine emulates MS software...

Now imagine if I had to emulate Sony hardware/software to play a game, wouldnt it be considered a Sony exclusive?

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EVILDEAD3602891d ago

LOL @ every year the lists becoming a bu-bu-but it's on a PC too..

Console exclusives are all that matter to the three competing consoles. You have and will never see the media saying the 'Wii is doing strong but it sure can't compete with a Mac'

Now they are trying to pretend that Gears 3 is going to be on the PS3 or PC..not even close

On topic the list actually looks great..

Forza comes every two years and after that LEAP from Forza 2 to Forza 3, I can't wait to see what Turn 10 pulls off with the Fourth Installment.

As for the announced Kinect games..they all have potential

I love the fact that we get a Panzer and Steel Battalion.

The rest actually look good. A good horror game would actually be a welcome addition to the Kinect library.

The haters are looking like dinosaurs. They bickered daily that Kinect had NO hardcore games and now that they announce a few they whine that Microsft is only concentrating on Kinect. But, they look silly because the games are 3rd party.

The funniest part is if ANY of these games were announced for the PS3 you would see them on every list on Announced for 360 know the rest..

Who cares? Gears, 3 & Forza 4, are must-buys for me..

Kingdoms, X-com, Star Wars Kinect etc. all have potential..only time will tell


King-Leonidas2890d ago

get a ps3 if you call yourself a gamer.

EVILDEAD3602890d ago

Had one since '09..doesnt make you more or less of a gamer if you have one or not..

Real gamers don't have to bash other systems..they own em'

I don't have to 'call' myself a gamer..I am one

Jazz41082890d ago

Can someone tell me why these ps3 fans care so much about ms 2011 lineup. I have been on here for 6 years and its been the same thing every year. They are more concerned with ms lineup then there own. I don't mind ps3 fans in here but be mutlti console owners and be happy for another instead of. Hate on anything positive for ms and ms guys stay out of ps3 threads and let them talk to another.

Drac2890d ago

The reason why it being PC matters is it stops people like me who have a decent PC from even considering the purchase of a 360.

heroprotagonist2890d ago

Great comment, EVILDEAD360. I feel the same way.

The way I see it, most of these people just use the PC as a convenient way to diminish the 360. I would be willing to bet many of them do not own gaming PCs as they claim to.

But even the ones that truely do own gaming PCs are still so out of whack in their thinking. They always act like everybody should do like they do and think like they do. It's more like they are thinking about how they can avoid owning a 360 than simply realizing that different people have different tastes.

They don't seem to realize that many people only own consoles. If a person only owns a PS3 and a 360 and they find that a game is only available on one of those consoles then that game is essentially an exclusive from that persons perspective. There has to be a term to describe that very common situation. Thus the term "console exclusive", which by the way has been in use for a very long time. The concept of 'console exclusive' is a very valid distinction that has impact and meaning in the real world.

Mmmkay2890d ago

i play awesome games.
not games without a release date that might have a potential in a few years.....

InTheKnow2890d ago

The third party line up for 2011 is, assuming nothing changes, incredible. Who cares who has more exclusives. The PS3 has more exclusives for 2011 because they had a very weak line up for 2010.

@King...I have a PS3...didn't buy one game for it in 2010...all rentals and weak ones at that. Even the official PlayStation magazine ( OPM ) gave their game of the year to a multi-plat RDR and a badly ported one at that...O_o

With games like these...

Deux Ex: Human Revolution
Ghost Recon
Operation Flashpoint
Shift 2
Dead Space 2
MGS: Rising
Batman Arkham city
Dragon age 2
Fear 3
Silent hill 8
Resident Evil

...and whatever else is announced at E3 2011. Third part releases dwarfs BOTH consoles exclusives.

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finbars752891d ago (Edited 2891d ago )

You should be worried considering little is known about 7 of those games.I mean Forza4 was just real time video Gears is on the PC as well so erase exclusive for xbox.Sorry but this really shows that MS really has no plans on what do with the future of xbox.You can rely on just Marcus Fenix to hold that console together.But dont get me wrong IM very much looking forward to gears but the others makes me question it.

EVILDEAD3602890d ago

LOL..worried about what?

I own both systems..I'm not going to pretend that the ONLY games that are anticipated come from the PS3..

Every racer that has ever existed promotes with a 'video'..

It's December..

The only day that matter is in June on the E3 stage..Just like every year

Who cares if the fan kids hate every game on the 360 list..

They never did and the never will..

Micrsoft can kick their feet up and let em' talk..Gears 3 will easily be the most anticipated games on 2011

gta28002890d ago

Take away gears and that list right there would be really pathetic. Compared to Sonys top 10 it's like 10 midgets trying to go head to head with 10 Titans.

Mmmkay2890d ago

seems like the hardcore 360 crowd prefer kinect now....

Dark Collosis2890d ago

@ Hero bravo man bravo i agree 100%. To bad there are so many fanboys..

gypsygib2890d ago (Edited 2890d ago )

The list is mostly pathetic But still gives me at least a reason to own my 360...barely

ZeldaForever2890d ago

worried about what?it still has alot of games out in the store go check it out along with some nice arcade games all 3 consoles are heathly stop typing stupid comments..

Vherostar2890d ago

Xcom is an arcade game and star wars Kinect. Well have we actually heard this is going to be a fully fledged game from the developers yet?? Aside from gears and Forza on that list the rest are all average titles because they are practically unknown series or new. Not to mention half the list being Kinect only titles meaning if you don't have Kienct you cannot play. I'm not trying to slate 360 here I just hope some devs come out with some decent exclusives 360 fans can look forward to as right now gaming bolt could only come up with 10 compared to ps3's 20 and them 10 are practically a joke list (Most PS3 titles were AAA only 2 on this list are AAA)