AMD CEO bullish on new chip

The chief of Advanced Micro Devices Inc said on Monday a new chip with four processing brains would help the underdog company win back market share from rival Intel Corp and does not see any sign consumers are holding back on new computers -- yet.

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VirusE3909d ago

Good luck with that amd....

DarkJedi3909d ago

I think they stand a fairly good chance. I've been holding off a full upgrade waiting for AMD to release Barcelona, and frankly my machine eats anything I throw at it anyway so see no reason to go with a c2d setup. I haven't owned an Intel pc since my P90, back in the day, since then I've had AMD every time and I've no intention of changing that now unless AMD royally mess up, which frankly I don't think they'll do.

The only other thing that would make me leave AMD would be Penryn, but I don't know when these hit retail channels or what prices (likely high) will be.

ShiftyLookingCow3909d ago

really? have you tried World in Conflict demo benchmark? Whos the bottleneck?