CVG: Splinter Cell Trilogy HD: Will you buy it?

Splinter Cell is the latest series to join the expanding list of video games getting a new HD coat of paint.

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Matthew942735d ago


Is number 2 any good??

Had 1 for ps2, never finished it but loved it.
Had 3 for DS and thought it was great.

MariaHelFutura2735d ago


To answer the question.

ksense2735d ago

I am buying if it comes out on disk and the quality is close to the gow collection. I loved the gow collection and I can't wait for ico and shadow of the colossus collection. not too excited about the tomb raider and pop trilogy tho.

One of the reasons is I never played chaos theory probably bcoz i played 1 and 2 right before that game came out and i was like burnt out of splinter cell at that time and I cannot stand playing ps2 games on my hdtv even though i have the fat one with backwards compatibility.

Nitrowolf22735d ago

Yeah i hope it comes to disc, i havn't bought any PoP from the PSN store, does anyone know a good website that has it for a low price and export to USA?

DaTruth2735d ago

Never got to play these games, so is a buy for me! Played the first on my friend's XBOX, but we didn't play single player games much at his house. Three guys sitting around waiting for one guy to play a whole level is sud!

morganfell2735d ago

Played them all and it is still a day one purchase. It will be great to get back to a game where you can actually hide the bodies.

Conviction may come to the PS3. I would rather have a complete game. In the recent issue of Game Developer the post mortem described the real reason Conviction lacked the body hide feature - time.

Revamping the engine, particularly the wrestling match they had because of lighting, and the backpeddling on the entire design, left no time to fix certain issues or add a standard feature such as hiding bodies.

Time. That is the real reason it was absent. People may disagree but then they would be arguing with the developers themselves.

There is something entirely engrossing about that first Splinter Cell. I like Chaos Theory but I still remember shaking my head over the decision to remove Sam's gray hair. Absurd really.

For those that like Chaos Theory more than the rest of the games, go buy yourself a Xbox 1 edition of Double Agent. There is no emo Sam, the levels and a great deal of the story are completely different from the PC/360/PS3 version, and the co-op is incredible.

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danmachine2735d ago

i will buy it. wasn't splinter cell 3 heralded as the best original xbox game ever by official xbox magazine?

i hope the online CO OP mode works too.

CO-OP mode trailer.

sonicsidewinder2735d ago

Trailer brought a motherload of memories back. Still awesome now.

Chaos theory was god.


Sam Fisher2735d ago

ok, Let's be honest with me, do i need to answer this question.

Blaze9292735d ago

if they did not only improve the graphics, then sure - Chaos Theory is still one of the best games around.

But if it still plays like ANY of those terrible PS2 Splinter Cell ports then hell no. Games were awful on the PS2 compared to the PC and Xbox.

MagicAccent2735d ago

I'd buy a big heap of dirt if it meant I could play chaos theory on PS3. Nuff said.

King-Leonidas2735d ago

cmon Kojima! Where´s MGS trilogy HD???

Theonik2735d ago

If we get the PC or Xbox versions ported then i'm all for it. PS2 ones were meh in comparison and re-rezing them just won't fix that.
To answer the question, 3>1>2 is about right although each had it's pluses.

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theonlylolking2735d ago

Nope, I think ICO collection and god of war collection are better.

TheDivine2735d ago

Nope i can play em on 360, great for ps3 fans. Il buy ico collection, mgs collection, and ffx-12 collection. That would make me go nuts, not whats been released so far although the gow one was a nice thing to build up to part 3, but i wont buy it either.

P1NKY2735d ago

Yes definately. Splinter Cell 1, 2 and 3 in HD with Trophies. Well hopefully with Trophies. ;)

AssassinHD2735d ago (Edited 2735d ago )

Games are required to release with trophy support now.


Chaos Theory is my favorite as well.

P1NKY2735d ago

Ah cool. Didn't know that thanks.

P1NKY2735d ago

Splinter Cell Chaos Theory was my favourite. Completed that on Expert with every level at 100%.

xCaptainAmazing2735d ago

You're after my own heart. Beating that game on expert 100% was the most rewarding thing of all time. Bath house!? OMFG so hard, and i didn't care that I wouldn't get any visible credit (trophy) for doing it. If the trilogy is released on PS3 and has the online multiplayer modes intact, you would have to be a damn fool not to buy it. One of the greatest multiplayer modes of all time.

Sam Fisher2735d ago

i beat all splinter cells on expert, nothing big. yea, i have to brag. look at my avatar for crying out loud. that should say enough

evildeli2735d ago

Yes. I got 1 on PC, 2 on Xbox, 4 on 360. Getting the first 3 on the same console and in hd is worth the buy