Dead on Arrival: Games for Windows Live

When Microsoft first announced that they would be bringing their highly acclaimed Xbox Live online service to Windows, there was much promise and hope among seasoned PC gamers as well as current console owners who were looking to extend their gaming onto the computer. After all, the community that had been created across the Xbox and Xbox 360 was top notch – and while services like XFire, Ventrilo, and Steam offered a way to keep in touch with friends on the PC, there was no centralized, integrated friends list, chat, and accomplishment interface across all your games.

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xaphanze3906d ago

It's good they did that.
3 of my cousins have a ps3 and they dont have an idea about HD and blue ray.

TriggerHappy3906d ago

I always knew the service would not do so well on the PC as compared on the Xbox 360 because, there are tons of other service providers and free services which allows for online gaming.

The quality or the service offered may not be on the same level as the live gaming experience, but however, it comes with the best price a gamer could ask...FREE and it gets the job done.

CRIMS0N_W0LF3906d ago

Too keep this normal. OMG PC FAN!!! XBOX LIVE HATER!!!!

Anyway. everyone from my clan did not like the idea of Xbox Live on PC. Why do we have to pay when Team Speak and Xfire does the job? with Xfire we could even join same server and Message buddies while in game. Steam is also a great program that given me countless hours of CS and CS:S fun.

Why the fvck should I pay when I get similar service free?

hella whip3906d ago

@2.1 I thought the only bit you pay for is to play xbox 360 owners? I thought the rest of it is free, I may be wrong though.

WilliamRLBaker3906d ago

except one thing live silver...offers every thing the free stuff that the pc has all ways enjoyed...for free...and in some circumstances offers more.....

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PS360WII3906d ago

yea it's hard for a pay for service goes up against a free service. It can have all the bells and whistles you want but they are competing against something that's been free for way too long for people to want to pay for it now.

Plus it seems that most PC users don't want to play with any console owners. Kind of like how gamers of old (now self proclaimed hardcore) don't want to play with new gamers (hardcore called casual gamers) but that's just my two cents

razer3906d ago (Edited 3906d ago )

I guess MS.. The PC world is never going to conform to MS's locked down Live service where they control every aspect and then charge you for the priveledge.

It's a shame that they've compromised their 360 platform at the same time by doing all these 360/PC release's that make the 360 look like a poor mans gaming PC. It's all about the dolla dolla bill ya'll! PC gamers have seen XBL and they know if they let MS have success with this they will be paying for avatars, wallpaper and a ton of other DLC. PC gamers won't have that and I'm glad they don't.

i Shank u3906d ago

i hate paying $50 a year and then get asked to pay for little HD pics for a damn profile. glad to see the games for windows things flop, majority of devs wanted no part of it anyways

FordGTGuy3906d ago

has free online multiplayer not to mention all the Gold features for free.

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The story is too old to be commented.