DCUO Release Date And Pricing Revealed, But Will The Subscription Fees Scare Console Players Away?

This is where I think SOE is making a critical miscalculation as far as pricing goes, console gamers are not like PC gamers and they can't be treated as such. While I'm sure that the universe that SOE intends to build is more than worth that amount, I just don't think console gamers will respond to it and that could force DCUO to go the way of APB.

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OGharryjoysticks2914d ago

"Will The Subscription Fees Scare Console Players Away?"

I'm not getting it because of it. Maybe if I didn't have a bunch of other games to play I would, but the days spent playing other games would be a waste of money. But it's not the first time I dealt with this type of problem. I felt the same way about my Gold membership on XBL too. That's one of the reasons I kept my 360 as long as I did because I paid for the year and selling the system with time left on my membership was a waste of money even though I hated it. Don't fall for the trap of membership fees.

Death24942913d ago

Me too. As fun as it was. I'm not shelling $60 out then after a month pay $15. You need a dedicated install base before you want to start charging for it.

blackbeld2913d ago

I agree. No game deservers monthly payments. Bought the game and pay monthly fees? WTF.

I enjoyed the Beta DC Universe a lot. But Monthly fees is crazy.


Yup, considering you pay 60 bucks up front they should give 4 month for free, that would be a deal to break into console gamers nerve.

Fact is console gamers aren't that membership friendly unless you are trowing some really big features exclusive for paying members (as in online multiplayer in Live) or a bucketload of content (like PS+ gave away since release more than 100 dollars content for with 6~7 months still to go).

As a console gamer, I expect to have the complete experience at 60 bucks a game, I don't even like most DLC I see around. Expect me to pay 60 dollars for a game I can only play for a month unless I pay more and you gonna be disappointed... I rather buy a single player game which I can replay as much as I want, not even mentioning other multiplayer games where I can easily clock over 100h.

Death24942912d ago

For those disagreeing,

Look the reason why I say you need to make sure you have a dedicated install base is because you don't want to pay the lifetime membership fee and the servers go down before you actually get your money's worth. Why do you think on PC MMOs, it's free to download and install. If they end up discounting it for PSplus subscribers. I reached the level cap on the 3rd day of the beta. It's seriously addictive.

ThanatosDMC2912d ago

They should just put ads in the game especially in downtown Metropolis and all the places where they could easily put an ad. I havent really explored Gotham past the Pillars of Hades outside the safe zone.

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Statix2913d ago

I'm sure there are MMO fans out there who will think the $15/mo fee is worth it; if not for this game, then for MMOs in general. But me personally, I don't play MMOs just because I think they'd be a big waste of my time, or become an unhealthy habit.

Let me put it this way: I don't want to get into something that's both a big drain on my time, AND I have to pay a steep monthly fee to have my time drained.

Keith Olbermann2913d ago

I'll be getting it. $60 for the game and a month of play in which I will be playing a lot of in that month. The hours of entertainment I get in that month will justify I may take a month off here and there but $15 for a month of playing after isnt too bad. I just hope they give plus people a discount or I wont be playing as often.

thatruth20062913d ago

That's what I'm thinking. I just don't think that SOE is making a compelling enough case right now for the price they want to charge. Maybe they can come up with some kind of guarantee, but otherwise I don't think this will end well. I must note that I am in the beta and enjoy it a lot though. But free and $15 a month is very different and in this economic environment no less.

Simon_Brezhnev2913d ago

I love the game but how buggy the beta is i think they need to polish and push it back to February. PSN + should get a discount or something. I just hate the fact that this game is cheaper on PC i know most games are but this is a subscription based game and the price should be the same.

BlackTar1872913d ago

i agree with the pc getting it cheaper. This is a game with a monthly fee its kind of annoying there gonna charge the full$60 and PC at $50.

Yes i know PC games are always $50 and vice versa this one just seems like it deserves a exception.

YourFlyness2913d ago

PC gamers maybe, maybe not.
PS3 gamers for sure, if they are smart they will waive the sub for PS+ members.

Wizziokid2913d ago

I'm a PSN+ subscriber so I would hope to see a discount or something, I think I might just wait for SW:TOR, yes you have to pay monthly for that but I think, from what I have seen, it will be worth the money more than DCUO.

The beta is great and I am enjoying it but I can't see myself playing for too long before getting bored.

emekcrash2913d ago

Wait, is TOR coming to the PS3?

Wizziokid2913d ago

No, never said it was coming to PS3

Vherostar2913d ago

Hmm waive a $15 a month sub for $50 a year?? how does that make sense? That just won't happen... Maybe a discount though.. That would be nice..

YourFlyness2913d ago

because Sony is not Activision or Microsoft. You know how much money they are given away in discounts and free games every money anyway? Im sure they can swing $15 for more people signing up tp PS+ who will but more games at discount price. Gotta take risk

Vherostar2912d ago

No because everybody will just sign up to PS+ instead of getting a sub. It totally negates the whole point of a sub.

ThatCanadianGuy2913d ago

Buying it day one.Beta is a blast and incredibly addictive.$15 a month? Meh, so i'll cut back two packs of smokes a month.Problem solved.

Sitris2913d ago

why not quit? Save all that money and spend it on games, thats my addiction.

Gen0ne2912d ago

Two packs is 15 bucks!? Yeah, quit.

Redempteur2913d ago

I'm still thinking ..

i have a bunch of other games and while i'm aware that this game is quite good ( my only complain is the random freezes )

i have so many games already ...( planned ).
Had the price been lower i wouldn't even have hesitated

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