6 Kills 1 Sniper Bullet

Ever seen one bullet piercing two heads? Yes. Ever seen one bullet piercing three heads? Yes. But Ever seen one bullet piercing six heads? No.
Than see it now below.

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xtremexx2647d ago

too be honest it was planned, it wasnt like it took some serious skill or that the other team were stupid

NecrumSlavery2647d ago

It's called boosting 9 times out of 10. It's cheating, takes no skill. I used to play with my buddies all the time when the javelin glitch was on MW2. We would jump off of the tower in Rust and blow each other up in mid air. It was funny for a little bit but nothing special.

BulletProofVess2647d ago

i would have rather be rick rolled than seen that crap

I_find_it_funny2647d ago (Edited 2647d ago )

staged, nothing to see here, move along people

RAZORLAND2647d ago

if this was staged, why the hell was this apporved?

Shepherd 2142647d ago

The hit-detection in COD is so shitty. He didnt even have the crosshair on the first guy's head when he fired. Its always been like that too in all COD games.

Halochampian2647d ago


I agree with the hit detection but it never claimed to be a headshot...

toaster2647d ago

@ Halochampian

"Ever seen one bullet piercing two heads? Yes. Ever seen one bullet piercing three heads? Yes. But Ever seen one bullet piercing six heads? No."

What was that about it not claiming to be headshots?

Bloodraid2646d ago

Fantastic news article this is! Amazing journalism!

Kenshin_BATT0USAI2646d ago

Well no shit it was staged and it wasn't cheating. It was jsut showing you a single snipe bullet can kill 6 people. That's all. It says in the video that they did it on purpose too. It's not like there's any lying here.

Shepherd 2142646d ago

yea, the description is where it claims to be headshots.

RedDragan2646d ago

Major framerate drop when the kills happened, had to be the console version.

RedDead2646d ago

Hahaha, I hoped no one would notice.

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Christopher2647d ago

Yeah, not really much if this is all planned. The only limitation to a planned shot like this is the number of people you can get to line up for the shot. Way more fun to see someone do it while playing to kill 2 or three people at once.

hamsterfist2647d ago

You are quite the genius to say it was staged. Especially considering the video SAYS SO FROM THE BEGINNING. It starts off by saying he just wanted to see if it was possible..... CHRIST people are dumb.

streetking932647d ago

i was thinking the same thing. these people are retarded they should read the beginning of the video again

No Way2646d ago

Exactly.. it even states "No dumb comments please :D"


Spydiggity2647d ago

what a waste of space on the youtube servers. cod sucks

FACTUAL evidence2646d ago

Well they guy clearly says its staged, he just wanted to test out the kill limit on the rifle, and you can kill 6 people (maybe more)with one bullet.

fredrikpedersen2646d ago

This is faker than my girlfriend's orgasms. xD

RedDevils2646d ago (Edited 2646d ago )

...If you had one that is :P

paranoid19712646d ago

fake girlfriend = fake orgasms

FinalSpartan2646d ago

Wow i looked headline though it would be real kill. Then i see some staged one..waste of time. And also Halo has some real ones that people killed multiple enemies with one sniper bullet check out youtube.

FanboyPunisher2646d ago

If he can get 7 people to do this.. think about all the boosting hes done.

Yet he still gets owned by people who can think, and quits to dashboard after getting owned.

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Fishy Fingers2647d ago

Not really as impressive when its set-up, I used to do this in Halo 1. Wasnt news then, isnt news now IMO.

Spitfire_Riggz2647d ago

Yeah hahaha with the spartan laser!! That was fun.

Kleptic2647d ago

its been a while since I played any Halo games...but i'm pretty sure there wasn't a spartan laser in halo '1'...

Spitfire_Riggz2647d ago


Didnt see the 1 just thought it said Halo

FinalSpartan2646d ago

Just what i was thinking.

DontShoot-Me-Bro2647d ago

They are not even running in a straight line, some are a bit to the left, how does that 1 bullet swing through the air and hit all thier heads.

Redempteur2647d ago

Like with kenedy 's death

hassi942647d ago

None of them were headshots. Just body shot 1 shot kills.

SixZeroFour2647d ago

you didnt know? the person with the sniper was the guy from the movie Wanted

solidsnake2222647d ago

Would have been great to see something all real, even if it wasn't 6 people. Oh well, cool nontheless.

GodsHand2647d ago

I've killed 12 Zombies with 1 shot(charged) in Dead Nation. So yeah, I have not seen a 6 kill, with 1 shot.

Mmmkay2647d ago

i took out megaton, this ain't shit.