Grounded Gamers Episode 10: Twas the Pure Dark Night Before Christmas

This week on the Grounded Gamers Podcast, your host AmigoSniped is joined by KalebKJC94, LincolnForce91, and PureDarkness.

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maxcavsm2886d ago

AMIGO: Holy shit, play some games why don’t you? Good lord, I don’t know which convenience store you robbed to afford all those games, but damn.

Music bed was a nice touch, but a bit loud in the beginning.

PD: What’s with the Pokemans? You really need to be on a podcast; every time I hear your voice, I think back to the old SG days of you screaming at your cohosts :)

AmigoSniped2886d ago

SHh its a secret dont tell anyone Shanghai

LincolnForce912886d ago

I can't believe we actually made it to our tenth episode. Keep up the good work everyone.

FaintingGoatWizKid2886d ago

Quality gaming information. I really like this podcast. Keep it up AmigoSniped!