GameZone: Game of the Year Day 2 - Technical Awards

"Yesterday saw Bayonetta take home a lot of awards within the Specialty category. Today, Mass Effect 2 emerges as a front-runner to take home the most awards from GameZone."

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damize2919d ago

Congrats to the developers of bayonetta and mass effect 2, two deserving games in my book. Great editorial. Thanks for keeping us informed. Merry Christmas everyone!!

elkillakev2919d ago

I've posted this before and I'll post it again and again.
I <333 bioware

cnagel472919d ago

mass effect was a great game. sroked for number 3

alee2919d ago

The winners and runners-up were all certainly worthy games.

Masterchef20072918d ago

God of War 3 has better graphics than Castlevania. The rest of the list is good though

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