Call of Duty: Black Ops “First Strike” Map Pack Announced. Here We Go Again…

Another year, another Call of Duty game. As in a new trend, new downloadable content is coming for Black Ops, for a hefty $15. Now, we are all thrilled with the fact that Treyarch has made arguably the best Call of Duty to date, but people seem to have forgotten the fact that $15 is still way too high for a simple map pack.

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maxcavsm2590d ago

Not sure what to think right now. I like me some zombies mode, but damnit...those had better be some good maps. Good write up, Instant.

Daz2590d ago

$15 for some map what a rip off. I bet alot of people end up buying it too :P

TheBrit2590d ago

I wont be getting it - my wife and son play this - I'm not paying $30 for 5 maps - some of the pricing is getting a little out of control, soon it will be a subtle $16 per pack and so on - if there were 10 maps per pack for 15 I could see that.

problem is these maps have probably been around since launch and could have been included on the disc but instead they are charging for them after the fact. Could be wrong.

JeffGUNZ2590d ago

Eh, either way, you got to give credit to treyarch for including a lot of maps with launch.

I do agree the price is a little too much. I think 800MS points would be acceptable.

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