Top Darts $9.99 on PSN Today with Luscious 1080p, PlayStation Move, Custom Dartboards

Earlier this month we announced the PlayStation Move exclusive PSN game Top Darts by Devil’s Details and SCEE XDEV. I’m pleased to announce it is available today exclusively on the PlayStation Store.

As a quick recap, Top Darts is a game that utilizes the PlayStation Move motion controller to give the realistic feeling of throwing darts. It’s a game for all users who have an interest in playing classic games such as 501, Around the Clock and Cricket. Top Darts also has unique games such as Mayhem, Fusewire, Cat and Mouse, Stack Up and many more.

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whateva2888d ago

This should be good for the holidays.

EVILDEAD3602888d ago


Can't wait..

I've been waiting for this as soon as I saw it was announced.

Games Party 3 on the Wii was the only dart game thus far that had Cricket.

Move should be a shoe-in to be the one with better quality.