Gamespot Heavenly Sword Video Review

Watch the Heavenly Sword Gamespot Video Review.

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LSDARBY3840d ago

Great review. So whats there is amazing but its just a shame about the length. But i guess you cant have your cake and eat it too

Premonition3840d ago

I was listening to the EGM podcast yesturday and I agree with them that hopefully if they do indeed make a sequel that it would be much longer and hopefully they add more weapons, so you can switch on real time and stuff like that.

Kleptic3840d ago

Did Sony not confirm sequels yet?...I guess that is usually based on sales...

but I know Ninja Theory said they were hoping for a trilogy...

barom3840d ago

they basically just said that they have written a trilogy. whether there will be one it's up to sales

Bleucrunch3840d ago

This game looks sick it gonna be the best short I have played. OMG cant wait.

Violater3840d ago

Im not getting,
till weekend. :)
Where i can truly give it the attention it deserves.
Heavenly Sword FTW

Baba19063840d ago

i have to wait till 19th -.- saddly. cant wait. amazing. go nari go nari go go go nariko !

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The story is too old to be commented.