Ten PlayStation Move games to look forward to in 2011

Less than four months have passed since the PlayStation Move debut, and the catalog of compatible games released (or patched) since then has already surpassed the 40 units mark. But what's next?

As we are about to step into the new year, iWaggle3D takes a look at the 10 most interesting PlayStation Move games announced thus far for 2011.

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Iamback2919d ago (Edited 2919d ago )

I want this
And NO it isn't canceled Redwood Crap from 2007, this game was in first two MOVE promo trailer from earlier this year. Go check them out. One of Sony EU studios is working on it, can't wait to see it in action. Seems like mature core MOVE game.
EDIT: In motion

Look from 2:13 to 2:16
Or read here

iWaggleVR2919d ago

I want that as well. Probably the "Until Dawn" horror game rumored some time ago.

Pixel_Enemy2919d ago

I love how kinect fans are afraid of the diversity of games that move can do so they attack the fact that move is tacked on to most games and there's not a good selection of move only games. That is their only complaint? Move only games will be coming that is for sure, just like controller kinect hybrid games are coming.

VINNIEPAZ2919d ago

"I love how kinect fans are afraid of the diversity of games that move can do so they attack"

Umm, WTF website are you looking at? I dont see anything about Kinect here. Insecure fanboy much?

King_of _the_Casuals2919d ago

@ VinnyPaz!! (you from RI???)

Agreed. Why bring Kinect into this?? That just goes to show some insecurity due to how popular it has become?

but I'm also looking foward to Sorcery....should be bad arse!!!

NecrumSlavery2919d ago

Oh I am really excited for Sorcery, It seems to be a game that will use the Move/Eye in a various amount of ways. It's not only fun and immersive, but a really great way to show of the different ways you can play with Move. Two other gams that did this really well was Trace Memory for DS, and WarioWare on the Wii. Both of those game are brilliant. Trace Memory is rediculous on how many unique ways you use the DS to solve the puzzles and the mystery. I am hoping the will be a Kinect game that offers a variety in how it uses the technology too. I get that Move can do shooters and such, but Sorcery looks really unique. I thought it was a little like Fable, but now I am thinking it's more of a Sly/Crash platformer with RPG elements. I would like to see more gameplay to see what the world is like. I would even love it to be like Final Fantasy: Crystal Chronicles. The Move features really amaze me...

Christopher2919d ago

Sorcery is a given for me. Also now interested in that Dungeon Defender game. Big fan of tower defense games. *goes back to playing Bloons TD 4 on his iPhone*

DanSolo2919d ago

Yeah I agree that Dungeon Defenders is looking interesting, I like tower defense games but I find that they can get boring after a while normally, so mixing in action RPG with it is just a good move!

tsn2919d ago (Edited 2919d ago )

Why are you talking about Kinect?

Edit : sorry for nerd rage but seriously it annoys me how the article has nothing to do with Kinect and one of the first posts theres someone crying about it and just causes fanboy war instantly.

Cajun Chicken2919d ago

I didn't see No More Heroes Paradise listed here.

iWaggleVR2919d ago (Edited 2919d ago )

True. I tried to stick with brand new stuff (as in games that have yet to be released - No More Heroes was released in Japan already, albeit without Move support) to keep the list short, but you are free to add No More Heroes to your personal most wanted one ;)

kinf-of-zon2919d ago

If your the guy from iwaggle3d, why no kinect review,because you do superb ps move reviews.

chasegarcia2919d ago (Edited 2919d ago )

without the "fkn idiot" would have been suffice.

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