New Gameplay Video of Operation Flashpoint: Red River

Codemasters shows a new Gameplay Video of Operation Flashpoint: Red River. In the first in a series of gameplay biographies introducing key players in the game’s narrative, Staff Sergeant Knox explains his role in Tajikistan as the USMC are shown taking on deadly insurgent enemies.

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DavidMacDougall2888d ago

Looks ok but i still remember the support the first one got so i'll buy it used when its cheap.

Domer252888d ago

Agreed, I'm not forgetting that either.

jaredhart2888d ago

looks pretty damned good.

Quagmire2888d ago

Great, another Pro-American Modern Warfare FPS Shooter set in the Middle East...


RedDead2888d ago

Looks good, I just hope it isn't a buggy pos like the first and I hope it they get the Ps3 one up to standard instead of leaving it in a wreck like the first one too.

iamgoatman2888d ago

This is Codemasters we're talking about here, all their games are extremely buggy and unsupported, I doubt this will be any different.

Take the PC version of F1 2010, they released just 1 patch that broke more than it fixed.

orange-skittle2888d ago

This title is so flawed that they must rename the entire game and re-wrap it as something else. No one is going to buy this after the first debacle

DavidMacDougall2888d ago

Operation Red River would be nice but they paid money to use Operation Flashpoint IP didn't they?

morganfell2888d ago (Edited 2888d ago )

No. Bohemia owned the tech for Operation Flashpoint but the IP name is owned by Codemasters. It's why BI's games have been under the Armed Assault and Arma banner rather than OFP.

Codies would have a long way to go (any company would) to touch the gameplay and feature set you can get with Arma II and Arrowhead (Combined Arms) running ACE2. There just is no equal for that war sim/game.

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The story is too old to be commented.