Risk: Factions Now Available on PlayStation Network

PlayStation 3 fans can now join the fight for world domination, as the digital remake of the popular strategy game Risk is now available on PlayStation Network. Following the success of its Xbox 360 counterpart, RISK: Factions graces the PlayStation Network with the same wealth of game modes and deep strategy gameplay.

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Deathstroke2764d ago

The 360 lost another exclusive it seems. They lost the Magic the Gathering card game earlier. I guess they'll lose the Yugioh one in May 2011.

ThanatosDMC2764d ago

Yugioh on PS3 and 360??? I wonder how that would look like. Do you know what the name is?

mmPete2764d ago

They would have have been great for the Move! Pity they didn't use it.
Shaking the controller to roll, picking territories would have been a breeze, etc, etc.
Maybe a patch?

HOSe2764d ago

ds3 could be used for rolling also

HOSe2764d ago

need a new axis and allies game***

PS3Freak2764d ago

Sweet just downloaded. I have always loved Risk, although I get angry when I lose.

ComboBreaker2764d ago

But each time we played, it lasted several days. LOL.

NewScratch2764d ago

theres so many larger production games i need to play but i may just have to download this badboy; love risk.

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