Gran Turismo 5 Prologue gets a pricetag and 'GT TV'

Sony Computer Entertainment BeNeLux today announced a estimated price for the Blu-ray Disc-version of Gran Turismo 5 Prologue, which will be released in december. The BD-version will cost you 45 euro's, according to Sony.

Sony emphasized that Gran Turismo 5 Prologue is actually a full game, like Warhawk. With 40 cars, 5 tracks, 1080p graphics, 60 frames per second and a whole new online world for up to 16 people, this game is worth 45 euro's. Sony will also introduce a new feature, called GT TV. Here, you can download tv-shows about cars. These programs will be localised, so England for example will get Top Gear and The Netherlands will get for example Veronica's 'De grote Beurt'.

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LSDARBY3911d ago

too much tbh, it isnt a full game with only 5 tracks. I think a minimum of 20 for them to charge full price.

Evil0Angel3911d ago (Edited 3911d ago )

xboxlive 40$ a year free demo+get them earlier and amazing amazing sevices

PSN free :......... .... ......... ...... ..... .... ... pay for demoes(call them full games and make them pay for it ) + nothing specil+ late demoes if any

i just wounder how much would microsoft make $$ if they called the HALO3 beta full MMOFPS games and sold them for 3/4 of the full version game

fenderputty3911d ago (Edited 3911d ago )

MS made people buy crackdown to get into the Halo beta? Piss off.

@Jenzo: Firstly, while you may have bought the game for itself, a good amount of people bought the game specifically for Halo 3 Beta. Ms knew this. Also, my comment was directed and Evil Angel, who thinks MS didn't charge for the entrance.

InMyOpinion3911d ago

I bought Crackdown but did'nt join the Halo 3 beta since I'm not much for online gaming. What I got was a superb game that I still play. It had all options a full game should have and I still play it from time to time.

Crackdown is Crackdown. It's not Crackdown Prologue with one city part, 2 agents and 4 different weapons. Lol.

Creds to Sony though, they know that a lot of PS3 owners would buy a sack of sh#t if it had the Playstation logo on it.

gaffyh3911d ago

45 Euros seems a lot, but for a full game it is 60 Euros, so I expect this to be about £25-30 in UK, probably $45 is US. Also it is a full game and has 16 player online play, GT TV sounds great good for us in UK, we get on of the greatest Car shows ever, Top Gear.

InMyOpinion3911d ago

If it's a full game, then why is it called Prologue? Are they gonna release GT 5: Epilogue after GT5 is out? The first pages of a novel can contain a prologue, but never in my entire life have I encountered a novel that only consisted of a prologue.

americanGTA3911d ago

We already did get the GT demo, this is like a super demo. We WE DONT PAY FOR DEMOS. WE ALSO DONT PAY FOR THE BETA's IE warhawk. You had to buy crackdown if you wanted to be in the Halo beta.

Your a fanboy and have a bone in your brain

gaffyh3911d ago

@Jenzo - you seem so against GT5: Prologue there is not much point arguing with you.

I will say this though, even as "half a game" it still looks better than any other racing game available on all platforms. And it's not like they are asking you to pay full price, 45 Euro's 3/4 of what you would normally pay, and this is only the retail version.

How much do you think downloadable version will cost?

Even so I will wait for a review to see whether it is worth buying, but I will definitely get the full game whenever that is released

hongthay3910d ago

Prologue is not something new for the GT series. They had a GT3 Prologue and a GT4 Prologue. They are full games, just not the final product. GT5 will have over 300 cars and many more tracks. GT5 Prologue is the full game, just limited.

Oh, and just to remember, as far as I know, only the BD version of GT5 Prologue will have damage. The PSN download will not.

InMyOpinion3910d ago

I can argue, no prob =) People b##tch about the length of Gears of War. They say it's not enough. Lots of talk about which games should be considered full games etc. They say EA's games should not be released because some of them have flaws. Then Polyphonic comes along and releases what is not even 1/3 of an upcoming title, and you say it's a full game? It does not matter how good the game is (I know it will be great), it's the principle of what they are doing that is sh#tty. How would you like it if other developers started releasing prologue glimpses of their games that you had to pay for? I don't like that thought.

To the morons bashing Crackdown. Look at it this way - You got a full game with the Halo 3 beta invitation or you got a Halo 3 beta invitation with the full game.

WilliamRLBaker3910d ago (Edited 3910d ago )

I didn't have to pay for mine, I joined via the beta signups at weird

As well last I checked Crackdown SOLD immensely got good reviews and people loved the game....

Yes this is a demo, Lets look at the definition for words.
^ googles web define of the word demo.

Demonstration software - usually a special version of a commercial program that can be freely downloaded on a trial basis; often has limited features or expires after a period of time.

a playable section of a game.
Googles Web define of Prologue

an introduction to a play
An introductory piece that presents the background for an opera.
A short race or time trial that is held on the beginning day of a stage race, such as in the Tour de France.

Both definitions are similiar in a very many ways, Both basically mean a short thing Before the full thing.

Regardless of what you want to say, This game is a demo, Thats it a demo! Its a small portion of the full game that will be released later, Heres to hoping that sony comes up with the idea that if you buy this game, you either get a major discount on the full game or you get the full game for free Because without they will be asking games to pay 120 dollars for a game or more!

The defition of words prove my point, and the sheer fact of logic does as well, This is not the full game, Its a sampling of the full game to be released later, You cannot do, or see or have every thing in this game that you can in the full game, the VERY Idea and defition of a demo.

Bs3/Comment 52 said it best
If this was a full game, then id be called gt5 not gt 5 prologue.

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resistance1003911d ago (Edited 3911d ago )

I take it you xbots never played GT4 Prologue

GT5 prologue is almost a full game, and is handy as you can transfer your cars, money etc over to GT5 when it arrives.

Right now tell me this

What 'demo'


16player online
HOME intergration
GT-TV - download Top gear ^_^ (thats right i live in the UK)
40 Cars
5 Tracks
Full single player with championships which you can win stuff on and offline multiplayer modes.
Plus More.

Go on tell me thats a demo?

Prologue games are great as it allows us to play GT games which i along with its massive fanbase want, rather than having to wait for months for the final game.

replys to comments

27 - or AKA theMART wanabee name the demo's which we have to pay for

32 - Agreed, it has never been a demo, its been much more than that

36 - Yes it has that but it also has tons of other features

Plus the fact that you will be able to get ten's of hours or more of gameplay out of it

resistance1003911d ago

Considering full price games for UK is 40-50quid or $80-$100 and they aren't charging full price expect it to cost $40dollars, however PSN version could be cheaper

barom3911d ago

yeah man u gotta think in regards to purchasing power. A rough estimate would compare 1 euro to 1 dollar. So for every one euro you use over there you can get the same by using one dollar here. Like I said a rough estimate (didnt PS3 over there cost 599 euros?.

achira3911d ago

cant wait for that game, i have already played it, and its clearly the best driving simulator ever.