Gaming PCs for the Masses: PC Gaming Strikes Back

Major PC makers are launching new, cheaper gaming PC with high-performance features to target mainstream and female gamers. In conjunction with cheaper systems, the big companies continue to make extra-expensive systems for the niche of deep-pocketed extreme gamers.

Retail sales of PC games have shrunk for the better part of 2000s, although PC gamers (29% of Americans age 12-64) still currently outsize console gamers (24% - all new and old consoles combined.) According to analysts, PC game sales are expected to rebound and grow 27% from $7 billion in 2006 to $13 billion by 2012, and worldwide sales of gaming PCs are expected to grow 39% in 2007. Analysts say a factor that is driving the growths is women and girls, who are getting into PC gaming for social games like World of Warcraft, Lineage, Runescape, The Sims, and Second Life, which run exclusively or better on PCs.

The following Wall Street Journal article reports the state of PC gaming in details.

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the_round_peg3873d ago

That's why I become a refugee and migrated to consoles.

JsonHenry3872d ago

Personally I appreciate my consoles, but if I have the option of getting a game for either the PC or a console - I go with the PC every time.

But I can understand why some people that are not PC savvy would prefer to play on a console.

razer3873d ago

I do hate me some PC gaming. I've had PC's all my life and never once had the urge to want to subject myself to the hell that is PC gaming with all the technical problems they have. All the PC gamers I know spend more time troubleshooting their rigs than they do playing.

Rageanitus3873d ago

And it is not that difficult to troubleshoot.

The only problems I had with pc gaming was with windows me or windows 3.11

ItsDubC3873d ago

Windows ME is the biggest POS ever invented. Whenever I was asked to fix someone's PC and discovered it had ME on it, I eventually didn't even try to troubleshoot. I just installed 98SE or XP. Problem solved.

You do get my respect for dealing w/ ME though. I myself have never had problems w/ PC gaming except when a friend gave me an ATI card that was better than my nVidia. Installing the ATI card made mp3 playback skip, so I trashed it. nVidia > ATI (Why'd you do it AMD?)

Rageanitus3873d ago

It is the most versatile gaming machine.

But I also own an xbox, gcube, ps2, and ps3.

QUNE3873d ago

Most people that don't care can't afford a decent gaming rig. This news might help fill the void.
I play consoles also, but when I fired up Battlefield 1942 for the first time on my PC, I became hooked.
Yesterday (09/10) BF1942 turned 5 years old. I have yet to find a game that you can battle (land,sea,air) like you can in this game.

fermcr3872d ago

I have played Battlefield series for years. Best games that exist. I play now Battlefield 2 :). Next year a will maybe buy a console for Battlefield: Bad Company ... and i did not wont to buy a console... what a game like battlefield does to a person :( (had a ps2 and hate it)

Iceman100x3873d ago

The era of consoles are at a end, and mostly because the kind of games that i have been seeing for years aren't specials anymore. It's like the developers have so much to work with nowadays they don't know what the hell to do with it, and the proof is in the uniqueness of the games that are still nothing compared to how the arcades were.

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