inSANE gets a January 2013 Release

THQ confirms in her latest Release list that her Horror-Game "Insane" will appear in January 2013.

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sinncross2529d ago

thats... so damn far off... what the hell

MariaHelFutura2529d ago

Woot. Hype level THRU THE ROOF!!!

nycredude2528d ago

They copied freaking Infamous logo!

seraphcaeli2528d ago

we haven't even SEEN anything yet. I loved Pan's Labriynth tho. Did I spell that right? meh.

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Tailor-DKS2529d ago

i heard it will be a they plan to release it till 2019? :O

Forbidden_Darkness2529d ago

Yes the whole trilogy, part one releases Jan. 2013, part 2 probably 2016 and part three and final part of the trilogy in 2019.

Hellsvacancy2529d ago (Edited 2529d ago )

Ill b 30 in 2013, thanks or remindin me THQ

knowledge4lfe2528d ago

damn me 2. but it won't be until march 25th. so when the game releases i'll be 29

xtremexx2529d ago

still too far away to care

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The story is too old to be commented.