Cerebral Pop: Harold's Most Important Games of 2010

Harold Burnett writes: 2010 was a very strange year in gaming, with the two high definition console makers (Sony and Microsoft) deciding to chase the motion control bandwagon as it speeds past hardcore gamers and right into the comfortable realm of soccer moms and old folks home. The selections of games available for the typical gamer were at an all time low.

I personally found myself digging deep into the bargain bins and Gamefly queue in order to find games that peaked my interests. This year three games in particular strike a chord with me and I would like to highlight them here, in a little something I call “ Harold’s Most Important Games of 2010."

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RogueCheddar2916d ago

So much Bayonetta love at the end of the year.. I don't remember this much affection for it when it came out. Seemed like a lukewarm reception at the time. On the plus side, this will be a budget title soon if it isn't already.